Dear Future Wife: Sokoyokoto


Dear Future Wife,
Olobe lo l’oko, sokoyokoto. Yoruba proverb.

Hey babe, so I had promised to write once a week so here am I today. I missed out a great part in my last letter to you on last week Monday. Well, I trust this message finds you well. I know you are taking great care of yourself and I cannot wait to see you soon.

Obim, Well, as you should have known, I am a foodie. My immediate elder sister Ijemaka often teases me with these words eat and grow tiny , I sincerely don’t know if I am tiny but anyways sha, I can eat oh. I am not one who discriminates when it comes to eating. I have eaten local delicacies in the more than 20 states of Nigeria that I have traveled to. 

From ekpankuko, Afang, Edikaikong to ogwo, banga and starch in the south south; tuwon doya, tuwon Masara, Tuwon shinkafa with either miyan kuka or miyan taushe, with suya dipped in spiced oils or kilishi, digested with Kunu, zobo or the famous fura da nunu in the northern part. As a nwa afor, local delicacies from the south eastern part is quite tantalizing. As you already know that Nkwobi is a given, therefore soups such as ofe oha, onugbu, egusi, ukazi, ogbono, nsala and the likes are also part of the syllabus abi na meal plan.

Utoo m, while I can agree to compromise on Oha and Nsala, egusi and Ogbono with fufu , eba or poundo are non-negotiable; abacha and ukwa we would alternate, mana ofe akwu must go with Sunday rice. You see, I love to lick soup very well oh! Did I forget to add oka na ube, emm... [scratching my head], ehen! ji mmiri oku. I don't joke with ishi azu [fish head], so it must always be bigger than the tail.

Ehen! Now to why I am writing this, you see having been amala and gbegirid in Lagos [I am not an ajebo that is bread and buttered], I have come to appreciate greatly the deliciousness of yoruba meals. From Yoruba jollof rice to Ikokore, asaro, ofada rice and ebirinpo to obe Ila alasepo, efo riro and my all time best, ewedu and gbegiri with hot amala, the one that causes you to sweat profusely. I know right!

Babym, one of the reasons why you must come quickly is that sometimes the life of a bacherlor can be boring even if he has the best culinary skills. There is something about a woman’s touch when it comes to the kitchen. Yes I love to eat Amala and ewedu with Gbegiri laced with the different kinds of meat you find in the stomach region of a goat or cow; shaki, edo, pomo, fukun, abodi, ishan, plus other orishirishi that you can find in a standard bukateria in Lagos.

Yes, I am a firm supporter of the stomach Infrastructure theory as propounded and advocated by Gomina Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state. Now you see the relevance of the opening quote, the cook owns the husband. I need you to own me, I am ready to join you in cooking and nourishing our bodies with various delicacies.

Don't worry, I wee be more than glad to buy you pizza and orishirishi ice cream from any creamery of your choice whenever you crave for them.

And oh,

It seems you will come in the form of a lawyer.... 

After all, 

Dale Carnegie once said It isn't what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. it is what you think about .  I think about you all the time and it makes me happy.

My love, till I come your way next week It is my humble hope and prayer that our taste in each other will forever be spicy!

I remain your love,


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Barr. Khene Enyieko Columbus
Happy birthday to Barr. Khene Enyieko Columbus. She's a huge fan of this ours and we celebrate her today.

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  1. This is actually killing,dear wify Biko come fast before they will steal him from you happy birthday dear. Many more fruitful years ahead and more money in your bank account.

  2. This is actually killing,dear wify Biko come fast before they will steal him from you happy birthday dear. Many more fruitful years ahead and more money in your bank account.

  3. Interesting piece I must confess

  4. 😂😂 Chimezie Olounje! If I hear say you tiny, biko just marry a talented cook like daddy freeze. I can tell that you are going to have an interesting married life. Wait ready, prepare to make her comfortable while you wait on her. Enjoy this waiting season!

    1. Many thanks for the comments Sarah.

      I am waiting waiting patiently.