2 Teachers you must learn from in order to succeed


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At the start of every creative process – ideation; there is a seeming inspiration guided by two major factors in the life of every inventor or entrepreneur. These factors I like to call teachers go a long well to shape our thoughts, guide our imaginative process and, if adhered to, launch us into the orbits of success.

These teachers are thorough and ruthless in their teaching methods and class management styles, so toy had better watch out for them!

You see, in life, everyone is guided by a moral compass which if ignored can leave us with bitter tastes in our mouths. This is where conscience comes in. also, experience they say is the best teacher and anyone wishing to go far in life, must be willing to spending sometime at the foot of “Mother” experience, tapping richly from her endless repository of knowledge.

So here we go!

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, conscience is the part of the mind that makes you aware of your actions as being either morally right or wrong; a feeling that something you have done is morally wrong.

Now I so much love the Merriam-Webster dictionary because of its ability to help me understand words, phrases and sentences properly.  Conscience is a faculty, power or principle enjoining good acts. It is that part of the superego in psychoanalysis that transmits commands and admonitions to the ego

On Conscience, Chris Okpalaojioma writes

"The voice within; innate
Caution us when we do wrong

To us, it relates
Tries to keep us on the right track, no matter how long

A tiny, little voice
More like our inner god
Please God, it will rejoice
Reprimands against all odds

It pricks
Like a teacher, it flogs
Slaps and kicks
Even while as small as a frog.

Sadly, we all have it
But, most of us never listens to it

The world will be a better place If only we all give our conscience a chance".

Conscience itself promotes morality and keeps us on the path of righteousness. Conscience is a conducio sine qua non to living right.

When you are deaf to your Conscience, then you are dead in life.

Those who want to be successful must also learn from those who have been successful. The classroom doesn't hold all the knowledge needed for growth and development; hence it's confinement within a space.

Experience equals empirical knowledge while theories remain. Books contain results from people's shared experiences; therefore read and be experienced.

Again see what my Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines experience to mean; the process of doing and seeing things and of having things happen to you. It is a direct observation of, or participation in events as a basis of knowledge.

Experience connotes the fact or state of having been affected by, or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation. It is the practical knowledge, skill or practice derived from direct observation of, or participation in events or in a particular activity. Skill can be acquired through a consistent applicant of time and effort. This is a direct experience gathering.

On the other hand, reading biographies and other current trends about the person or people you want be like; carefully observing happenstances around you further equips you with knowledge that no classroom can transfer to you. This is the essence of socialization as tool for preserving and transferring knowledge.

Experience is the best teacher, but if it isn't shared, knowledge can't be bequeathed. Be happy with the man willing to share his experience with you than he who would give you money. Gather Experience, Learn from Experience and be Experienced!

To create the right value for people to appreciate, patronize and subscribe to, there is a compelling need to understand the roles of conscience and experience. A thorough understanding of these two would help us create a paradise [successful adventure] rather than a warzone [the feeling of failure and lack of accomplishment].

Listen to your conscience, learn from experience, be experienced!


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  1. Good to know. Experience is an expert in modelling life but I always appreciate it when it comes from a recoverable state. Some personal life experiments can actually end life pursuits. So simply put lets learn from others experience for SAFETY.

  2. Well put. Experience can come from practical encounter and through shared observations. The ability to let your conscience speak to you, helps in sieving untoward experiences from harming your life pursuits