If They Fail to Do These 3 Things Change Them


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"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." Mark Twain

This is my first since I became a year older last Saturday March 17, 2018. I feel inclined to share these three things I believe every friend should do for and with their friends in the pursuit of happiness.

Surround yourself with people who share your dreams and thoughts, celebrate your strengths and skills; and give you valuable advice and platforms to excel. Anything short of that, change your circle! You cannot be the smartest in your circle of friends’ mbok!


To share your thoughts and dreams is to shape your future; therefore, people who share this with you positively critique your moves and help you grow. They are you best critics but in their criticisms, you grow, moving inch by inch towards your goal. What can we do without critics? Life would be dull and devoid of the zeal to achieve goals.

In giving they pour themselves out as a libation for you to become better. They look for avenues for your personal development and offer them to you. They secure your happiness by giving you access to things that help you visualize the goal and walk the talk in achieving your dreams.


In Celebrating you, they help you understand that it is imperative for you to remain unique by carving your own niche. When they celebrate your strengths, they make you feel real good about yourself and feeling good is good for your mental health.

As I begin my 32nd Season on earth, I look back and I am thankful to God for giving me those who have dedicated their lives to seeing me become better. I was overwhelmed with love, smothered with care and affection; I was indeed embarrassed with solidarity and gifts and, of course great words of advice and prayers.

I did not see many of your messages on the day because my phone was stolen. I did get a new phone as a birthday gift. I had fun visiting the Badagry prisons and then I was feted to a soiree and then a dance. All these were done by friends.

On this day of the International Day of Poetry a fine friend of mine Chris Okpalaojioma wrote this to celebrate me and I feel inclined to share with you.

We all call him Ojisi
One we don't need to squint to see
His intelligence spreads like a sea
Met him and it's a tapping spree

Noticed him on our first day in college
He was loud, but full of knowledge
With intelligence, everyone acknowledged
From a distance, we became friends

His fear for God, is never in doubt
A devout Catholic
A great dancer
An astute writer

Annoyingly stubborn
Strong willed
Highly opinionated
In all, he is kind hearted

To all, he is Ojisi
To the Udechukwus, he is Chimezie
To some, he is the fake onye ocha
To one person, he is "Udem"

A man so resolute
Stubborn but nice
His kindness so absolute
His will can never be broken, not even sliced

To him, no ox is gored
A lover of all and God
Will never allow himself to be floored
Drives home his point, even without owning a ford

You are so astute
Your knowledge so acute
Well traveled,
In person and in books

Master in the act of balance
In everything you do, there is always an equilibrium
Oh, my ‘fake onye ocha’
Today, I celebrate you with Obi Ocha

We all celebrate you today, as you start your 32nd year. I personally, anxiously wait, to plan and decorate the occasion, of your passage, out of bachelorhood. We don't always agree on everything, but you are one person I learn from everyday. It's your day sir, do plenty shakara joor.  Chris Okpalaojioma

I am glad to celebrated thus. If for nothing, I am emboldened to keep sharing and giving myself in service for it is the very essence that defines who I am – OjisiEmezie.

For all the gifts, prayers, kind words and best wishes, I am grateful.

Daalu nu!


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  1. I'm honoured my friend, you are worth celebrating.

    1. The honour is mine my friend. You gave me such golden words to hold unto.

  2. Hmmmmm this one hit my spirit i love this udechukwu may God continue to bless you and design you to be better than this keep soaring higher dear. Chukwujama

    1. Hahahaah. Amen Ezugwu! Daalu. I pray same for you dear friend.

  3. Well written.....Kris you described him wella

    1. Hanty Iphie talk ya own biko. Thank you for aligning with Chris.

  4. Chris Okpalaojioma, you couldn't have described him any less. Thank you for putting into lyrical words what we all echo. ������. A ka m na e celebratikwa gi ON

    1. Thanks Tochi! Iji ya ofuma!God bless you for the celebration.

  5. To me he can write oyibo for Africa
    He is intelligent and finally ,a motivator.Happy birthday in Arrears Sir Ojisi