Chimezie Udechukwu: 7 Lessons for the 32nd Season


Prepare for you pray for; believe with all your heart that it will come. And when it comes; give the performance of a lifetime that even your enemies will stand in applause for you for they know not the power of He working in you.  Chimezie Udechukwu
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In a few hours’ time, I shall be a year older. As i add a new year, to my life, people keep asking me, Chimezie who are you? What are you becoming? These questions are quite deep and intrusive but for me it is not difficult to respond to.
As I prepare to bid goodbye to my 31st year and begin my 32nd year on earth tomorrow, I have these lessons to share especially in the light of lessons learned in my 31st Season on earth.

These lessons are inspired by the emergence of Ahmad Ahmad as President of the Confederation of African Football in 2017 and also the story of David and Goliath. Everyone has got a giant in their lives. They keep looking for ways to kill the giant, well I hope you learn from these lessons and become victorious!

1.      Never ever be afraid of facing the giant!
If your guts tell you to go, then by all means GO! When David struck down Goliat, it was the spirit of God in him that built up and strengthened his gut. David believed in his gut and never loved on his way to becoming a giant slayer. You too can; believe in your guts and pus ahead!

2. If you don't play you can't win.
Biko, do us all a favour and stop wailing or complaining when you have not done anything. Get up, buy the lottery ticket and win big, participate to learn, learn to participate! Life does not give you what you deserve; it gives you what you have the courage to ask for! Get up! Live full, die empty!

3. If you desire change, then make a choice to take that chance.
No one will give you a chance, but if you give yourself the chance to try, then that's just all you need. Give yourself a chance to try and others will be convinced. See, the gut in you is what energizes you to bold and play. In playing, you have decided by your decision to make a choice by taking that chance. That was what David di. He knew he needed to save the Israelites and could have remained in the bush tending to the sheep. But he also knew his people needed a change from the constant bullying so made a choice to take that chance. You too can!

4. Do not be afraid to try!
Don't be afraid to change the status quo because of what people will say. Know the stuff you need for the battle and forge on. There are somethings you should be careful of giving away, one of them is your power to be yourself; never trade it for anyone’s approval. In the end you would lose out if you do. Beware of social validation and what people will say. You live for God and for yourself. So know thyself and know thy enemy and Victory is assured in all battles.

5. Expect less, demand the necessary.
Before now, I always had huge expectations from people and it usually hurts me when they fail to come through. My friends Bayo Oduntan and Titus Ogunniyi tried severally in teaching me but I did not want to give. Then I saw it was affecting me emotionally and I had to let go. So now, I don’t even have any expectations because I do not want to be hurt or even angry. Understand that even the trusted ones will betray you, but when you have less expectation it high reduce high blood pressure. Expect less, but demand the necessary. When you do, you would find an amazing peace that tranquilizes your inner being.

6. Don’t sell yourself short
Never ever think you are too small to make a difference. Madagascar isn't a football country they said, but the passion and belief of #AhmadAhmad is enough to teach the nation all they need to know about football, now he is CAF President. Goliath looked David in the eye and insulted him. He mocked him and told him he could never defeat the Philistines, but David stood his ground, believed in his guts because according to Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. That has been one of my mantras.

7. Never ever negotiate from the position of weakness.
Mbanu! Show your strengths, exhibit your prowess and intimidate the crap of your opponent. If David could it do with Goliath and Ahmad with Hayattou then you too can face your giant and beat it! Yes you too can beat that giant!!

Image result for Chimezie UdechukwuAnytime I hear of the names that have come to be associated with me, I know where it is coming from. Whatever name you call me, I know where you are coming from. I am Chimezie Judemary Udechukwu! I Read, I learn, I listen I lead!
People call me Ocha! Of Course yes! I am fair, I learn, relearn and Unlearn.
Some say I am Mezie! Oh Yea! I participate to Learn, I learn to participate.
But me, I call myself OjisiEmezie. Why? I am passionate, I serve, I volunteer, I speak, I Compere, I Act! I Consult! I advocate! I fight for what is right!
But most importantly, I build ideas, I help with strategies and I provide solutions. That is who I am!

Please pray for me that this season will be great!
Happy birthday to me!


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  1. You forgot one very important name. Udeh. Happy birthday to you in advance

    1. How can? You are special and I truly and deeply appreciate you Nne. Daalụ!

  2. Nice one sir
    Happy birthday in advance
    Age gracefully

  3. Happy Birthday Partner....Welcome to 32 where you shall shine your 32 because the lessons you are carrying into your new age is credible.

    1. Thanks so much dearest partner. I truly appreciate.

  4. Yes! All valid lessons. Welcome to a New Year. Keep Soaring!

  5. May this new year of your life be fulfilling in Jesus name Amen!

  6. My first time here but but good thoughts. Happy birthday and God Speed
    - Asuquo Asuquo

  7. My first time here but but good thoughts. Happy birthday and God Speed
    - Asuquo Asuquo