Yoweri, Peace and 2021: Ozoemena!


"The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things." Ronald Reagan.

Hi there!

It has been a while indeed. Well, I got a new job as Human Resource Personnel at a Multinational company and it has been Werk werk werk! But I was not going to miss out on this big day. Yes! Is a special day for a special person and this is wishing Som Som our Chief Justice of Nigeria in the making a happy birthday. 

I had gone to bed with another thought of what I want to share today but on this international Day of Peace, I woke up to this disturbing message from one my Ugandan friend in Kampala. Here her:

Image result for images of yoweri museveni"Colleagues, pray for Ugandans as tomorrow (today) seems to be Darkness in the noon where our current president wants to rape the constitution of Uganda by amending the constitution. (Yoweri Museveni) is currently 73 years and the current constitution bars him from contesting in 2021 since he will be 77 years." (he has been in office since 1986). The current war is now between Ugandans and the members of parliament. The Bill will be tabled tomorrow Thursday 21st September 2017. We are likely to expect several demonstrations within Kampala over this constitutional rapping process. For God and my Country."

Now this is sad! 

This stupid penchant for sit-tightism is the bane of development in Africa. The same move is being targeted in Togo, Angola is rapidly becoming a family business, and Uncle Rob in Zimbabwe? Na wa! These people do not care about the lives the citizens they lead. Lessons from Sudan is enough history *mana mba, fa ma muta*

Monsieur Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is in New York attending #UNGA72 he even held talks with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the sidelines of the GA. We are tired of senseless deaths of our brothers and sisters due to the selfish whims of these uncaring leaders.

Peace is the language of development and service is the currency of peace. When a leader fails to render service to his people then he is depriving his people the dividends of leadership and that fuels frustration which begets aggression. This is how civil strife erupts. This trend and pattern can be avoided.

The theme for the International Youth day in August was *Youth Building Peace* then I asked myself, what peace can the youth build when his heart is corrupted by the mindless looting of our commonwealth; the threat of fire and fury, unemployment, insecurity, famine, child abuse and molestation, nepotism, favoritism. What peace can come from a corrupted mind filled with depressive tendencies?

Image result for Images of Peace day 2017The youth today are at the heart of the receiving end, they are major "beneficiaries" I daresay and not victims of pervasive corruption that that permeated our society today. Suffice to so even say, that they are benefactors thanks to peer influence. It is they that the likes of these leaders with Sit- tight syndrome will employ to do the dirty job. But we have a striking deviation, a huge lesson for history by the youths of Egypt during the Arab Spring.
But it can change! Yes, it should change The corrupted mind can be incorruptible. When the youth understands that the language of peace is service, it would blot out the selfish need for personal enrichment.  The theme for this year's International Peace Day which we mark today  is; "Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for all." We therefore, call on the Ugandan President to toe the part of honor and step down after 2021. Uganda will not die after him. This also goes to other leaders on the continent who think they are the life of their countries. This takes me to the #UNGA70 the first time President Muhammadu Buhari addressed the General Assembly in 2015. Listen to him;
Image result for Images of Buhari at UNGA 70
Image Credit: www.nigerianmission.org

"The Secretary General himself has grouped the SDGs into what he calls six "essential elements" namely: • Dignity • Prosperity Justice o Partnership Planet • People As a prerequisite to these and as we look at history and remember the terrible events that gave rise to the birth of the United Nations in 1945, I would like to propose a seventh:  PEACE! Peace, Mr. President, is close to the hearts of Nigerians, as we are in the front line in the war on terror. . . This is a war about values between progress and chaos; democracy and the rule of law. . 

We intend to tackle inequalities arising from massive unemployment and previous government policies favouring a few people to the detriment of the many. We intend to emphasize quality technological education for development and lay foundation for comprehensive care of the aged, the disadvantaged and the infirm. But for now terrorism is the immediate problem.

This isn't the time to temporize thinking that corruption will go away. Such is wishful thinking. So, dear young people, in order to build peace, we must challenge corruption. The corruption of selfishness, hatred, violence, ethnic divisiveness, religious fundamentalism,Sit -tightism, greed, moral decadence and other social deviance that stunts our growth and development.

This is a note to you the 21st Century Youth on this special. You possess the needed ability and skills, knowledge, energy, innovation, creativity, exuberance to not only challenge corruption and build peace but to invigorate our world for sustained harmonious coexistence. This is the foundation upon which the Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved. This is the 7th Element of the SDGs - Peace!

When Youths Challenge Corruption, Youth can Build Peace. A graveyard peace is like snow sprinkled with hot water

Peace is possible. Peace is doable. We can Build Peace through genuine service!

Onwere ntị ya nụrụ

May the Peace of Christ which surpasses all understanding be with you.


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