"And that is the reason why this victory is great, because different players have made contributions to the win." Sachin Tendulkar

The rigors of the academic process ensures that the society is enriched with great road maps for future success. It is imperative also, that there be a quantum leap from analysis - paralysis to an even more pragmatic approach that yields tangible success.

In 2015, I was selected to moderate a team of young African scholars on a very touchy issues. These young Africans continue to demonstrate astute knowledge of current trends in political, economic and environmental issues. As Millennials currently in the centre of major discourse especially with regards to the future of work.

Here is Chibueze Ofobuike's account of what happened that day as we deliberated from different parts of Africa, Europe and America.

So, this mind-blowing Team, which I am proud and privileged to be part of, got engaged in the very sensitive issue of Feminism. But this time, in a more intriguing fashion as efforts were made to towards distinguishing when a person crosses the line from becoming a Feminist, to a Feminine, and even to a Womanist.

A lot was learnt!

In the words of Irvine Julia, an incredibly smart Kenyan, 'feminine and feminists seek to be part of the society. They seek to feel involved and be respected as individuals and not just given formal positions or responsibilities for the sake of it'

Do we know that there are types of Feminism? Asked Sweet Youssuf, another smart lady from Northern Ethiopia. I never knew that. But Maalika Kazia, a scintillating Kenyan knows so. She said that some Feminists may be more aggressive than others in the sense that they feel superior to men which is ironic as the whole point of Feminism is to advocate for sole opportunities, respect and treatment for women as is accorded to men. While Kato Gobe , in his ever captivating manner, projected that there are Radical Feminists and Liberal Feminists. The Radicals asks for a radical reordering of the society in every aspect of social life, to eliminate male domination, while those that just seek for equality represent the liberals.

I never knew that women are in the majority in most Countries of Africa. Mervin Thuranira Kilima made me to know that. Sadly, he bemoaned, 'women do not vote for women'. As I am yet to ascertain his claim, I have the very simple perception of this issue. Women deserves to be duly accorded their rights, respects and regards.

Sadly again, many of us pretend to be on the side of the female folks but do not really exhibit that. Little wonder when Samuel Ukey, a rapid growing Nigerian Social blogger, and activist, asked the possibility of someone becoming something and yet does not believe in it., he got a resounding 'Yes, it's possible'.
Maalika, again, posited that some men say they believe in feministic principles yet they find more subtle and indirect ways of exerting superiority.

It is that word, superiority, that rakes up my brain. Why would we think, or believe that we are superior to a gender that have shown strength and capability in all areas of life? Our societies need to get rid of this. It is a very sad scenario to see the male folk misbehaving just because we believe that we are superior. Nonsense!

A young man would walk into a gathering of mixed gender, shake the hands of all the men and wave at the ladies. What does that mean?

The other week, I boarded a taxi and I sat at the back seat between two men. One of them later dropped along the road, and a lady entered at the next stop, and took over his seat while I still maintained my position. The other young man gave me this I-am-disapointed-at-you look, and even had to tell me that I should have stepped down and asked the lady to enter at the middle. I couldn't just imagine our orientation! So it is not right for a woman to stay close to the door in a vehicle while a man stays at the middle? Not for safety purposes, but rather for superiority. I wished I had enough time to talk to him.

Well, for the benefit of the ignorant, women are as important as men. They even do better in many aspects, more than we can. My Father died when I was nine, leaving myself and my seven siblings to the care of my Mother. She made sure we had the warmth, the trainings, and the guardian. She was full of character, mentally and psychologically strong. Myself, and my siblings had the best, solely courtesy of her. How many men can do this?

So guys, instead of struggling with understanding the big grammar of being a Feminist, Feminine or Womanist, getting it right is very simple. Give your wife the space to express herself. Allow your sister to become what her heart yearns for. Respect your boss, who is a woman, as much as you could have respected a man.

They deserve our respect!

Thank you, Mr. Moderator, Chimezie Judemary Udechukwu , Africa is very proud of you.

I must commend Ngozi Emmanuel for inspiring the flow of the debate on that day. She introduced me to the concept of "womanism" and being womanist rather than feminist.

Chibueze Ofobuike also deserves some good accolades for capturing the thoughts of the group so succinctly.


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