I am always proud of my formation at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anmbra Stae. Why? Aaprt from developing the brand “Ojisi” there in 2005, Unizik as we like to call it taught as it has, is teaching and will continue to teach the many thousands who flock to it the values of Discipline, Self-reliance and Excellence. This is the story that this champion shares with us today.

Also known as Mama Unizik, Nwamaka Uzoigwe is an amazing beacon of hope and a light to many who know her. A fighter, you van say she fought with life and won; her story will further drive home the point that you have no excuse not to become what and who God has destined you to be because your background has no right to put your back to the ground.

 She fried and sold akara [bean cakes] and fries, doughnuts and Moi Moi in school, just to put herself through school; in the cause of doing these, she was mocked, considered insane, contested and lost the Students’ Union President not because she wasn’t capable but because she wasn’t a man and she didn’t have the funds to execute the electioneering campaign. 

Ngwanu Ojisi its Enough! Its not about you!

This may sound very usual, but until you are through reading; I beg that you hold on to your conclusions.

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Public Notice!
This story was once shared on her timeline on Facebook, I took the pains to edit for proper spellings, typos and grammar but the whole intent and purpose of the story by the author remains hers.


“If my God didn’t abandon me then, he will never again. I only have to hold him like never before.
My life as a young girl was so tough! Many things you may not have known about me but the only thing I want you to know is that God kept me!
My childhood
I was from grace to grass; from golden to wooden spoon. I wanted to become a Missionary Medical Doctor! I was fond of Mary Slessor, Florence Nightingale, Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta and Karthry Kulmahn. I was a committed member of Anglican Children's Ministry. 

I grew in pain. I lived in pain. I saw rejection. I saw mockery. I saw angry. I saw bitterness. I saw misery. I saw hunger in action. I saw lack. But God kept me!

My adolescent stage.
Nothing changed. This period I joined my mum in her poultry business. We have to carry the fowls with wheel barrow to the market during festive periods to sell them off. (I love my mum). That was how I learnt the art of hustling  but God lifted me. He placed me in so many leadership positions that helped reshape my life. Prominent among them was the Speakership of the  Anambra State Children’s Parliament, Senior Prefect etc. Due to my passion for the poor then, I followed some beggars home to see where they lived. I was so passionate about changing their lives even with my empty pockets........

Early twenties
I got admitted into the university after much struggles. God bless Director Emeka Ejide and Hon. Tim Egboka.

My Freshman Year
As a new student I had many fears to conquer. My life was filled with a whole of tides. One of the greatest issues I had was accommodation issue. I was displaced from house to house till my second year. Even with all these, I never stopped my free classes with the kids. The kids living within my area became my priority. I had to gather them after they stained my cloth with their ball on my way to school one day. I always received greetings from them each time I pass them playing around my area. I taught it wise to assemble them together and teach them morals and also help them with their studies. We moved from one compound to the other every Saturday to fetch other kids in the area. I bought a chalk board for them after one gateman offered us an accommodation in his compound. We did this till I packed out from the area. (I really miss them).  Meanwhile at that time, then I was battling with Post UTME registration hustles, these I eventually surmounted. Special thanks to Dani David Odeh.

Sophomore Year, road to entrepreneurship
I had received a fine laptop as a gift from the Anambra State Government after my service in Children’s Parliament. Not up to seven months, it was stolen by armed robbers. I taught of how else to survive as a regular student. I cried in pain because at the time, it was my major source of income. I was half dead! I thought I will never survive. This tragedy pushed me down to sell kpof kpof and doughnut in other to stay alive.

The first day of business was humiliating! I was mocked and laughed at by my peers but it took personal courage and the support of my friend Chidinma to help survive that ordeal. It wasn't easy doing it. It took me off classes. I missed morning lectures and tests. I always rushed to school looking scattered and disorganized. I actually started this business on Tuesday January 15, 2013 with five thousand naira, N5000 from a friend. 

I made about 30 pieces on the first day. I even had to fry kpof in the morning, few  hours to my exams. I hawked other things like toiletries around lodges even in Eke Awka [major market in Awka, capital city of Anambra, Southeast Nigeria] building line to survive. Even with these daunting challenges dangling right in front of me I still organized "the brain fox competition " in my department for those in junior classes. Though a small project, but it had always been a part of my vision before I got admitted into College. With God, I survived that stage. God bless Igoamaeze Emmanuel and Oramali Samuel.

My Penultimate Year
Again, I suddenly discovered I had a vision I dreamed of pursuing even before I got admission in school. I ran for SUG president but I lost. This is because even though the vision burned so heavily in my heart, I didn’t start early to work for it because I had a whole lot of issues to deal with.

I was supported by many who really saw the fire in me. After that I had no other option than to go back to my normal means of survival. This time it was selling of fries.(I met people that supported me financially to start up). I had to do this every night. I choose this because I needed to be in class for morning lectures. A whole lot of persons tried to know why I chose that. Some said I wanted fame. But I ask myself, is there any fame from suffering? Where is the fame at the detriment of my studies?

Selling at night took plenty of my time as I get home late at night at 10pm every night. I gave up hope on my dreamed First Class Honours. I was always too tired to read even though I would lie to many that I find time to read (I truly am sorry about that). It was so bad that sometimes, I had to go through my handouts while waiting for customers to come patronize me. Most times it would rain so heavily after I must have finished frying that I would start praying and crying for God to send me miracle buyers. Life was hard! 

I had to quit the business after an incident that happened one night that made me sleep at a market close to where I lived [first market, Ifite Awka]. That night, It rained heavily and  I was delayed, I couldn’t go home, the rained poured heavily and  I was drenched. Eventually when I was able to go home, the key to my compound was nowhere to be found. It was one of my neighbours who threw some clothes and a blanket for me through the gate. I prayed, slept, woke up in the morning and lost motivation. God bless Evangelist Joshua Chukwujekwu

Final Year
I decided not to do any hustling but to fight for my result. I tried to manage anyhow I could. God bless Benny Agozie. Throughout those moments, I saw emotional, financial and physical stress combined together (3 in one). I experienced the good, ugly and bad side of relationships. 

There were times I couldn’t even pray and was tuned off from God.

I had heartbreaks. I was rejected, I was abused, I was neglected, I was doubted and was misunderstood. Some people I loved so much worked against me. I had lots of emotional confusion and character flaws. I hungered and thirsted for love which I later found in God not man. 

I became addicted to tying of scarf because I shaved my hair just to cut expenses. I lived in fear of survival all the time. A lady stood with me from my year one to the end. She is Iloabachie Chidimma(former Miss Unizik). 

Finaly God crowned all things with Second Class Upper (2:1)in Psychology. I never sorted any lecturer. I never did exam malpractice. I virtually photocopied all notes. Grace saw me through.

School Holidays?
There were no holidays for me. No fun. No outing. It was just reading (for the next semester) and hawking (saving for the next semester)

After school?
I was left with nothing but I had it very strong that I needed to serve in the house of God before serving my nation (NYSC). My church helped me start up a little business to keep me up. This was how moi moi business came up. It was very tough to cook and carry it around for sales at the same time. I went to offices, the streets etc. I also started evening home lesson for kids.

I was always weak and sick, but whenever I want to be depressed or feel lonely, I cry to God for joy. I lost my skin colour and was a shadow of myself. I looked older and very skinny. But I met helpers like they are always around me. God used someone to even pay for my house rent. I met someone that took me like a daughter. 

This widow loved me like I can’t explain. What a mother does for her child, she did for me. She shared the little she and her son had with me. 

She taught me giving in lack. She taught me that one spoon of garri can help someone stay alive for some time (meaning no matter how little you have, still help someone from it because the joy of being loved and cared for can revive a crushed spirit). My phones that were snatched from me by armed robbers were restored heavily. All that I needed was provided. I am happy because in all these; my testimony was protected. Out of all these, God crafted out a strong beautiful happy woman in me. God bless Chinedu Muoneke and Nchedo.

Greatest assets?
My books. I got answers from most books I read. God speaks to me through books. 


1. My vision and purpose in life kept me going:
I decided not to trade it for anything a man can offer me. I decided to struggle and have my vision intact.  I decided not to sell my vision in the bed of a man am not married to probably to survive through an easy and quick means. 

2. Peoples prayers
All my lectures encouraged me even the Head of Department and DEAN of my faculty. They were always fast to listen to my requests and pleas. People prayed for me as they buy my products. Mothers blessed me. I received pot, onions, money etc from my buyers. I was accepted and respected with my products. I met a whole lot of Pastors that mentored me at different points. They were;

Pastor Celestine Etokwuo(Dunamis)
Pator Obi Ogbo (Garden of grace)
Pastor Cece & Ebere Ekwuagana (The Potter's Wheel)
Pastor Ebuka (Beautiful Ministries)
Pastor Rhema Onyebuchi. (Victorious city)
Evang. Joshua Chukwujekwu (His glory ministries)
Pastor  Ben Enenche(Dunamis)
Generally DR. PASTOR PAUL & BECKY ENECHE(joined Dunamis since my year one as an Awka pioneer member)

3. My mother:
 My mother taught me contentment. She taught me good ways to improvise. I never want to disappoint her. I want to make her happy and feel secured whenever she thinks of me. I want to reduce her high blood pressure. My mother is not interested in any money I make but more interested in my chastity as a lady.

4. My father:
I want to make him see and understand life from another direction.  I want him to see the strength I have as a woman. I want him to watch me and be proud to have me as his last daughter. I want him to understand that it is God that trains people not man or even their parents. I want him to understand that God said "even though our earthly parents forsake us, He is there to cover us". God said this because He knows at some point in life, even ones parents can forsake the person. God speaks ahead of any challenge we will encounter after our arrival on earth. "Your parents can forsake you". 

Hold unto God firmly. He is the general Father we have. He will give you all that you need in a way you will never expect. I have enjoyed "supernatural supplies". Meanwhile I love and admire my dad so much. He is so wealthy. He is hardworking and very calculative. He plans ahead. He taught me discipline. Part of him grows strongly in me. He loves daring. I love daring too. Paying my school fees from my child hood till my graduation is something to appreciate him for. It wasn’t an easy thing. I think I understand him. He has my siblings to care for too.  I appreciate him for the gift of education. He made sure I went to the best of schools. 

5. My unborn children:
 I want to make a better place for them. I want them to be happy. I want them to be proud of my youth days. I want them to make me their first role model. etc. I want to set a strong godly foundation for them. I want to be their champion. 

My strong thoughts
1. Kill any shame that will make you feel ashamed for the good but poor way to improvise. To fight and stand in life, embrace God. Cut anything that will take you to ungodly side. Grow in excellence. Never lose hope in God and what you wish to get in life. Don’t try to have it all. Let it come gradually (bit by bit) at the right time till it is fully complete. To live long and look younger, run from depression. Never give anyone room to demean you. You are to teach people how to love and treat you. If you allow people to see you as a goat, they will treat you as a goat. Little by little with diligence maketh rich. Never see begging as an option. Work!

To Ladies:
Don't let any man abuse you, no matter how rich or connected he is.
Build your character very strongly. Don’t appear weak when you are, bad men try to locate that vaccum in you and pin you down through it. Guard yourself with wisdom and the full armour of God. Tightly embrace God. Be sincere to yourself, man and God. If you don’t have anything, forget that and use what is present at the moment. Mind your association. It is better to move with a committed friend than a group of uncommitted friends. 
Finally you need the HOLY SPIRIT.
And today I stand so strong and ready to face life at 25 and above. You too can rise from your hopeless state now. This story is to encourage you. A little look into my life story, I never expected all this, but it came. In life you don’t choose battles, but battles choose you. Don’t be scared. With God, faith and hope, you will make it fully to the end.

I appreciate you all


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  1. Good Piece, time makes all things beautiful.
    UNIZIK as said a proven ground for self development.
    Focus &Shine-On my dear

    1. @Daily drive, did you attend Unizik? What fond memories do you have of it?

    2. Yeah a passionate alumnus.
      The serene nature of campuses.
      The tenderly attitude of almost all the students, looks like they are a select breed.
      The guys appear so sincere&pure likewise the ladies.
      So much fun, the Bus stand wahala and lots more

  2. That was interesting. Pretty unusual in some nuances. i would like to get more materials on the topic. Like biographical facts or what.

    1. If you and send me a mail requesting what exactly you want, I can contact her or set up a vonenct between the two of you.

      Thanks for your kind words.

  3. She looks cool. I think that all those initiatives are really important in those circumstances. So, I hope that you'll keep doing all those things.