Why you must enroll in the Sabificate Institute


Yes,  you heard right!  It isn't a typo. The Sabificate Institute is unfortunately,  not open to accepting many even though it is for everybody. I am sure some will say "Ojisi ibiakwa! Well,  like President Muhammadu Buhari said at it is inauguration" I am for everybody  and I am for no body".

Sabification is the new word for certification and for those who still hold on to the old cliché of "your certificate will earn you your meal ticket", a lot needs be said about the thought process of such person.

Derived from the pidgin English "Sabi"  which literally means "to know",  a member of the Institute would there for be referred to either as "Sabinus", male or "Sabina",  female. Therefore,  Sabification is the demonstration in pragmatic - hands-on manner,  the theorems,  theories,  constructs,  models,  approaches and frameworks taught in school during the process of certification.

Hence,  it is not about what you were taught,  but what you learnt and what you can do when you called to act.

These world belongs to the Messrs Sabinus et Sabina because they understand  that it is not about knowing,  but the practical demonstration of their knowledge is what matters today.

In the Sabificate Institute, we don't believe in certificate because how many countless graduates and Ph.D holders are on the streets with no job. Thus our motto: I Dey Kemper Gidigba Because I Sabi!  If you doubt,  ask Ali Baba,  Gordons,  Basket Mouth,  Mike Obi,  Bill Gates,  Serena Nwa Williams or even Timi Dakolo.  These people sabi wetin dem dey do and no dey joke with am. These are proud Alumni of the Sabificate Institute

Anais Nin once said "good things happen to those who hustle". Getting involved in something, ultimately directs you to success.

Most times, we wait, believing all would be handed down to us on a platter. Even faith doesn't work that way. Faith needs a propellant - prayer, good works, action! What you constantly behold you eventually become if you move towards it.

The hustler is one who rises and runs to meet his Goals, targets and aspirations half way. He doesn't wait for his expectations to come to him. They are the ones who the prayer "may your expectations never be cut short", works for. This is the true definition of the popular advise "Heaven helps those who help themselves '.

Today, let the hustler in you come out for that itself is an amazing quality of the mentally strong people - they hustle to learn, to earn, to be consistent, to stay in business, to be innovative, to be honest!

Successful people are not born, they are made! Through their hustles Cutting through the bustling of life, they learn to never say never, urging on, carving a niche for themselves.

In the Sabificate Institute,  there is this maxim "say you sabi no be the koko, you sef must hustle make people sabi say you sabi" knowing it ain't the most Important,but letting people know that you know, that's the beginning of success. When you hustle, you make it easy for the blessings of God to locate you. Your hustle is the GPS tracker that connects you to success!

When you hustle you become wise on the streets. Ask every successful person you know, they know what it means to acquire street wisdom! You need it on your journey towards success.

That you possess all the certification and yet can't even construct a simple sentence,  nor even demonstrate in practical terms what you acquired in theory,  my brother, my sister wahala dey!

Dear friends,  as it said in pidgin English,  "wetin man sabi no dey leave am". Why it is good to acquire education which is in itself important,  we should strive to acquire the needed skills and abilities.

For over 13 years I have been involved in volunteering, Youth development,  Church administration,  fundraising,  Youth advocacy,  project management etc. Even though I did not go to a particular school to study them except for some short courses,  seminars,  workshops,  Conferences here and there,  but them,  na only two degrees I get!  E still no mean say I no sabi one thing or two for there,  that is the essence of the Institute. Have a passion for something and pursue it and learn all you can about it.

"The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who does not read". Mark Twain.

An educated man (Sabinus et Sabina!) is one who knows  something about everything and everything about something.  He knows when to apply his knowledge.

As Muyiwa Afolabi once said, "You don't get what you expect, you get what you inspect". Hustling leads to such!

Wouldn't you want to enroll at the Sabificate Institute and be a Sabified Sabinus or Sabina?

May your hustles be productive!

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