Hi there! Managing and preserving your brand is a task that must be undertaken with all passion and serious. In fact, it must be guarded with every thing you have got.

This is the crux of Oge, a young budding lawyer in the making. I met two years ago at Model United Nations Conference and it has been a wonderful time sharing and learning about global politics, The UN, SDGS etc. 

This week, as we prepare to end November and begin December, I yield my space to her.


Image result for images of brand managementThe popular phrase “As our faces are different so are our prayer requests different” holds sway in the world of online networking through social media platforms the most popular being Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter. The beauty of the human diversity lies in the various intent and goals we more often than not run with in regards to our “personal business”, hence the “Sponsored Advert” would not take a devoted member of the online networking platform because Yes!, Individuals like you and I make bread, buns and the lucky few “JACKPOT” for the reason “All fingers are not the same”. 

This category of Social media/ Brand Manager(s) are more interested in content developing of the jobs tabled before them, the impressions made on their followers, costs of trending and ultimately the client’s satisfaction while ensuring optimum performance on his part in getting the job done.

Albeit the other category of managers love to get the job done in person through physical and personal relationship with the target audience, and to these set of people do the marketing world owe its appreciation to.

Listed Below are basic and important rules which every PR should make a point of duty to revisit at least monthly so as to continually achieve desired goals. Make sure to take out your pen, notepad and a glass of Chateau Lafite and let’s do this.

I can’t even quantify how important this is. You know how “The Alphabets” is the first thing in the Educational system taught to every little baby in crèche class/preparatory class, Yes GREETING is equally important and I’m glad I learnt this mannerism at a tender age. It’s okay to forget few times I mean my mum literally remind me in the Nigerian Mother way “If you like when you meet up with elders don’t greet ooooo, be looking at them” but in reality it’s not okay. Studies show that strangers tend to pay attention to conversations which begin with a subtle “Good Morning Miss, Hello, Hi (with a big smile)”.So important is greeting that it can make people jump into good or bad conclusion about you, your brand and your personality. Dear Miss/Mr. always remember to say a simple Good Morning and even if you get the Cliché “What’s good about the morning” reply do take a deep breath, smile and  be a bit inspirational (yeah it helps too) and if whoever it’s wouldn’t have any of it a Quick sorry and wading off the room would help absolutely!.

By this I don’t mean you should go around groping in a 3 piece suit jacket and tie firmly attached to the middle of your throat in every situation (Aaargghhh, don’t! sometimes it is really repulsive especially when your target market aren’t made for this life). It would pay you to be dressed casual corporate instead!; a pair of nice blue serious jean do work expensive wonders, dressing smart has a lot of PROS and this is real because nobody wants to associate with someone who looks like they need therapy addressing them on important issues.

 “Like why would I pay attention to you?, you are disturbing our girl time (turns face in a grimace) so as I was saying…….”  

Now imagine being dressed beyoutifully and looking like a bag of money, you definitely would get the RIGHT attention. Forget the celibacy oaths you swore, I bet you would most likely get a couple of head turns, several whispers and lots of “Hi, nice meeting you!”. And dude, if all these play out perfectly. Thumbs up from o’er here!

This is quite important and also looks vague, aesthetic, unreal, surreal you name it but attach the word important behind it. If i’m going to interrupt your conversation to advertise my brand to you without you taking offence at it (and even if you would) you trust that I better have something good to bring to the table discussion. It would be despicable to interrupt an argument about football between guys without having an opinion about football and parties to it in the first place or don’t you think so?. And honestly if I do lend you an ear in this situation, I would be hearing and not listening and that is as good as you wasting your time, energy, good manners and most importantly also wasting my time. The trick is to join in on the conversation, own their attention, spill the information and be on your way sweetheart, that way you Slay!

We all hate to admit we are angry hence this happens to be one of our favorite lines;  
“No, there’s no problem. It’s fine please continue I really want to learn about your brand or your event”

Meanwhile deep within your intending target audience is probably calculating algebra about a 1001 things they should probably be doing at that particular moment while praying you get done quickly so they can shove the information into the bin and face their tasks. It is good to just always quip “I’m sorry for taking up your time, I’m thankful for this moment/privilege” once in 5minutes. Girl it works wonders like TADA!!!, it puts you across as a sweet hunny bunny and would help leave an impression on your target audience. You could also be opportune to make FRIENDS that way!

 I’m not telling you to lie to your target audience (No!. I would never be a party to that, I don’t want the blood of innocent citizens on my hands). Most times it is almost always an arduous task to get to convince your target audience to see reasons with you as to why they should buy your product, your services or maybe even attend a programme you are inviting them for. Now here you have to tell pinky promises and just the same way children hold pinky promise dear to their hearts and are also quick to make do away with it. Being a bit extra helps in achieving this, however you must exercise caution and draw a fine line in the delivery of your speech to your target audience as nobody likes getting a raise of an eyebrow which screams ‘Unbelievable, You must be joking right?’. The important thing to live by is - you want to get their attention, you want them to buy your product, you want to impact on lives and you definitely want to get a thumbs up and broad smile from your boss *I mean everybody does*.

Image result for images of brand management
You wouldn’t always get the reply you want, humans are quite indecisive and intolerable but rather than roll your eyes and pile up the insult from within and begin to compare how much better you are. Girl! Are going to smile pleasantly at them, Thank them profusely for listening to you and affording you their time, and then quip in “I hope you would have a rethink on your decision, I hope to see you at the event, I promise you wouldn’t regret this and it will be worth your time” (this would apply when you get a negative response).

After which, you are going to Wish them a beautiful day and catwalk your way to the next target audience. You trust I would be here to cheer you!.

I really hope this was helpful, now go smash that GOAL!.

Sending Lots of Light and Love your way,


Ogechukwu Beluonwu-Ogbo is currently rounding up her degree in Law from the University of Lagos. She has served as a member of the Media and Communications team as well as a delegate to several Model United Nations. Oge is passionate about self-development and inter-personal relationships which she opines forms the crux of the human life.

Oge is an avid reader as well. When she’s not surfing the web for interesting contents to read, she’s treating herself to food and sleep which she loves.

IG & Twitter:@ogechukwu__ @Oge__B

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