2018; Braver, Stronger, Smarter You.


"God does not work for you, He works with you." Pandurang S. Athavale

Image result for 2018 ImagesDear friends,

All through the year, we have made many supplications to God for different petitions. No doubt some have come through, others in the works and others may not materialize. One common mistake we make is to make such requests and then relax. We invite him to take the wheels but are not ready to kick-start the engines.

Prepare for what you pray for!”

Growing up, I loved the game "Crush Bandicoot" apart from the thrills of the game, which is available on PlayStation, the introduction "start your engines..." Best explains my thoughts today.

*Onye kwe, Chi ya ekwe*

Whoever agrees, his God will also agree. So says an Igbo adage. In 2017, the world witnessed a quantum leap in the "Collaboration" of many in different spheres to achieve greater success. Dear friends in 2018, own not just that word but Act it, especially with your Creator, your partner and you team!

When we work God and allow Him work with us, the tendency to achieve greatness becomes even more easy and exciting because his blessings "maketh rich and addeth no sorrow". In 2018, let God be your partner be it in business, ministry, marriage, career and indeed every aspect of your life. He is one partner that never reneges.

One of the best ways to lubricate your partnership is to be good. I like to tell people that youdo not need any social validation to do good. Just do it and move on!”

"Whatever you are, be a good one". Abraham Lincoln.

Being good at what one does shows the passion and commitment one attaches to what one does. If you are good, then you are good. We live in a world where social validation is the norm, when you are as good as people say you are, hence we strive to please people while driving ourselves away from what brings us fulfilment and contentment.

Alan A Milne once said "you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think". I couldn't agree less. What lies within cannot be compared to what is being seen.

When we understand the enormity of the greatness in us, then there is no need for social approvals. If our Father in Heaven validates us by the huge depository of graces in us, then whose permission do we need to excel and succeed?

The power to create lies not with the social acceptance from the general public, it comes from you! Being good is personal, it is a consistent application of passion, commitment, dedication and energy with sole aim of becoming better.

In 2018, commit to bringing out the best in you! Whenever you have an opportunity to mount the stage to give a performance, dear friend, give the performance of a lifetime and let those you perform for, never forget the taste you left in their mouth and hearts!

May the odds always be in your favour!


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  1. "Whenever you have an opportunity to mount the stage... give the performance of your life". That is everything.

    Well done.

    1. Dear Meg, thank you for your kind words.

      That quote has been guiding me since I decided to take Emceeing very seriously. I have come to apply that principle in every part of my life.

      Once again, thank you!