3 things you must do to finish strong this year


"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." Walt Disney.

Its half year already and am sure many will be taking stock, taking time out to reassess themselves and see if they are moving in tandem with the goals, targets and objectives set at the start of the year.

You see guys, goals are an excellent reminder of what we want to achieve and writing these goals down is a further commitment by us towards the attainment of our goals.

I am pretty sure we started the year with some lofty dreams, some great ideas and of course, some amazing results! Wow! now, its six months down and another six more to go. What have you achieved, how well have you fared? What are the results of your self assessment?

Dear friends, the whole essence of setting goals is to review them from time to to ensure compliance hence the SMART approach to goal setting.

It is half year and if you are not getting the required results then its time for you to renew your efforts, innovate your thinking and evolve with the dynamics of the modern trends.


Finishing strong requires bold steps, thus when we Renew our commitment to achieving the set goals, it drives our action and leads us into breaking down doors and getting the needed results. When we renew strategies, actions plans, approaches, and ideas, we lend ourselves to the hands of progressive change rather than remaining obsolete and anachronistic. To Renew means to reinvigorate the entire system.


Innovations  and ideas move the world. Major global brands such as Coca Cola, PZ, Nestle, Pepsi Wal-Mart etc spend billions in what they call Research and Development R&D. They continue to churn out ideas, to stay ahead in terms of current realities and modern needs. If they can do it, then you too can! You do not need the billions.

Yes the ability to remain relevant in the industry is the result of innovation. Ask Ford, Lenovo, Microsoft, even Google. Reinvent yourself and your brand and let the world see you in new light!


Yes Change! lend yourselves to change to also flow with the tide. It is not about setting goals, have solid principles, but also knowing when to be flexible when the need arises. Many Multinationals are evolving to the rhythm of the current global trends. They evolve if they must meet their organizational goals.

You can't keep sticking to a particular process and expect that people would be cool with it. Measuring up with current trends is important. Keep yourself updated and improve your service delivery, value addition and results. 

So, as you reassess your half to know your strengths, weaknesses,  lost opportunities and threats results, you should also be open to renewal, to innovation to evolution. These do not render you ineffective or unreliable, rather, it shows that you are  thinking being. 

You want to Finish Strong  at the end of the year? Then take out the time to Renew, Innovate and Evolve in goal setting, strategic planning and implementation.

May the odds always be in your favor! 


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  1. Earlier today, I was meditating and I remember sometime ago that you always send a message every morning to my phone, and the magic that came with them especially the word that starts the context 'reflection' this is what I will use in reply yo this write up, in every agenda and hope for progress every man has, the power to reflect is his utmost key to attaining success, we first start with having a goal, and when we do, we have taking 3steps down the success line, then focus and the ability to reflect on how you started, your obstacles, achievement and future objectives will help you attain your goal and finish the year proper

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  4. Wonderful and very motivating post. I will definitely take advantage of your advice to do more things this year.

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