Why you need strong appetites in 2018


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"We were a family who had come from nothing and now we had respect from French people of all sorts." Zinedine Zidane

Yes you must guard your reputation with your life because it is the mirror with which your character can be seen by world. Reputation can translate cash; it is a part of money because one with a good reputation gets easy access to the "Table". Oh yes my dear, build your reputation, promote it, and guard it with your life.

In 2013, my good friend Solomon Umeano CEO Laben Jeur Farms shared with me what I have come to call the #TheMugPhilosophy The main Gbim of this this principle is simply Retreat, Relax, Reflect, Rethink, Rebrand, Relaunch.  Read also Reinventing and revitalizing for relevance

There is no doubt 2018 holds a lot of goodies especially for those with impeccable character who have steadily built their reputation, but then; an unexamined life it is said, is not worth living hence the need for reflection. To aptly predict the future, one must be able to take into cognizance, historical accounts while analysing and understanding the present.

In just two days, we shall welcome the birth of New Year 2018. And it calls for some level of reflections. To look back is to learn more; realize mistakes, correct them, amend weaknesses and boost opportunities for successes. 

Yesterday I said the power to create lies not with the social acceptance from the general public, it comes from you! Being good is personal, it is a consistent application of passion, commitment, dedication and energy with sole aim of becoming better. How do you get the motivation to act, it’s by reflecting more and acting even more!

To reflect implies looking within to embracing inner strengths, to face growing challenges. Of a truth, 2017 came with its problems, disappointments, challenges, joys, successes, happiness and fulfilments. You know what dish life served you. For me It came with huge blessings I least expected for which I am profoundly grateful to God.

Did you make any resolutions this year? So what has 2017 been for you? How did you measure up in your Resolution Achievement Scale (RAS)? Many will end the year disappointed! But it is good to be disappointed for a short while than to enjoy short bouts of illusory success. Our purposes as individuals differ. Stick to your lane and your time will come!

This year, a whole lot of my friends achieved one milestone or the other and it was great celebrating with them. ( now many will quickly ask, Ojisi show working, what have you done, what have you achieved). Truth is I am grateful to God for the manifold blessings. I cannot count them all. One though is for the gift of an amazing woman who shares my dreams and makes me so happy. Soon you will meet #deafuturewife
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Taking Stock!

A personal retreat inwards helps you find uniqueness and innate ability to do more, to achieve even greater things. Another lesson it teaches is;  "there is love in sharing, but joy in having your own". This simply means we must learn to be contented and not compare ourselves to other people. Retrat brings clarity as much as it purifies the soul of distractions.

We are in the twilight of this year and are busy taking stock at the moment. What does your balance sheet state? Profit or loss, surplus or deficit? Whichever is the case, there is 2018!. The good thing about looking back is that it helps you see further and prepare well and therefore avoid similar and familiar mistakes.

I propose the #MugPhilosophy™ to you for a great 2018. #TheMugPhilosophy is an approach to life that Solomon Umeano. Shared with me and I have shared with some other persons and it worked..

The #MugPhilosophy

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It has been observed that when we make our business, truly ours, we can successful reach out to others. Thus, #TheMugPhilosophy advocates constant reflection; this is facilitated by the availability of a mug filled with your choice liquid content.  It’s simple: find your spot, get your mug, fill with your favourite drink or what works for you; sip, recline, relax, reflect, revitalize and relaunch.

2017 was a good year. I got my fingers burnt but again, my heart got illumined with love. Life serves us different dishes, but to get filled, you must come with a strong appetite.

You must learn that to build a strong reputation, you must have an appetite for impeccable character. Today marks the start of another long weekend, it affords you the opportunity to try out the #MugPhilosophy and see what it looks like. I look forward to a most pleasant reply in January.

Thanks for being part of us in 2017, kindly leave your comments and tell us if we made any impact in your life and which article you found the most inspiring this year!

May the year end well for all of us!

Let your reputation precede you.  Have a Strong Appetite for Impeccable Character.

Fairwinds to us all and may 2018 be kind and sweet!


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