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Every year, thousands of school leavers graduate from secondary schools in the remote parts of Nigeria with little or no direction about the next step to take. More worrisome is the fact that the majority lacks the requisite force that should lift them from negative beliefs to the thoughts of possibilities. Nothing inspires them. No one motivates them.

It is against this backdrop that a team of young, spirited and passionate Nigerians came together under the platform of THE PUSH TO START PROJECT to aid teens studying in the rural areas across the country that have little or no access to the internet nor other vital information and exposure that aids learning. Thus, with the support of private individuals, the Team procured wonderful motivational books, in view of providing the students with accounts of the writer’s quests towards success and how they defeated environmental limitations. 

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On Thursday, October 13, 2016, the Team, led by Mr.Ofobuike Chibueze, impacted in the lives of 140 senior students of Community Secondary School, Ebenebe, an agrarian community located in Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. It was an amazing sight to behold, seeing the enthusiasm and eagerness in the teens as they sat quietly under the shades of Mango trees (as the school do not possess a Hall) to listen to the speakers who lifted their zeal to aspire beyond borders. 

Displaying DSC_0210.JPGAnchored by Miss Nkechika Udeh, a budding researcher on the verge of acquiring a Masters Degree in Political Science from the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka, the event started by 12 Noon with an opening prayer said by a female student. The first speaker, Mr. Agwu Prince Chiemeka took the students on a journey he titled Dreams.

A First Class Honours Degree holder in Social Works and Community Development from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and the founder of The Rhetoric Project – an outlet that offers well grounded knowledge in effective communication and mentorship -  Mr. Agwu commenced his teachings by highlighting that dreams are illustrations from the book one’s soul writes about him or herself. He taught the students how to dream positively which defines individual success as against dreaming while asleep.

Displaying DSC_0211.JPGBy defying all odds to emerge one of the best brains in the history of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Mr. Agwu presented the story of his life which is the definition of success achieved through sheer hard work, belief, determination and perseverance. He promised to stay in touch with any student who demonstrates all that he did to succeed. 

Displaying DSC_0248.JPGThe next session featured yet another powerful talk by one of Nigeria’s youngest university lecturers, an entrepreneur and the CEO of Smart Leaders Are Made Initiative (SLAM), Miss Ngozi Marion Emmanuel, with the topic “The 21st Century Youth at Crossroads: Rediscovering Mentors and Role Models”. The students were taken down the lane of the very important position of the youths in any society and how the fate of such society lies in their hands. She exposed them to the challenges that militate against their success which include the wrong utilization of technology, pop culture among others. However, she educated them on the impacts of role models and possessing the right mentors which will prevent them from being caught in the web of the challenges. With an hour-long teaching on Mentorship, the student’s minds were agitated as they sought to know more. 

Displaying DSC_0252.JPGThe participants received copies of THINK BIG: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence and Gifted Hands, both written by Ben Carson MD. Other inspiring books by several authors were also given to them. The Team collected the data of the students in view of following up their academic and moral progress. 

The final announcement by the Coordinator of the Project threw the participants into wild jubilation, such that they have seemingly never experienced. With the goodwill of individuals who are concerned about the future of the Nigerian school child, three (3) opportunities for free WAEC Forms were presented to the students. The gifts will be given to the student who submits the best comprehensive and concise report of the event within one week, while the other two goes to the best students in academics and in character, respectively.

Displaying DSC_0222.JPGThe success of the event could be measured by the questions and reactions of the students who expressed their readiness to apply all that they were taught.

The future of Nigeria lies in our teens which include those living in the remote communities with limited opportunities. It is our collective duty to secure their success. The Team is seeking for the next school to visit in the coming months so as to further unlock potentials that will ensure a prosperous society.

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