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It's true that talent is a basic part of your personality that defines a greater sense of your uniqueness and also goes a long way to explain who you become. It can be the innermost part of your God's given gift that shows even without expression. It can also be a product of self-discovery born out of constant practice or hobby or comfortable habits.

Basically, Talent is a special ability you possess that allows you do something well and better. It has a lot to do with general intelligence or individual mental power. It is particularly the natural endowments of a person whether noticed, expressed or not. The issues attached to the maximization of talent(s) starts from inability to discover it which makes development almost impossible.

Some of the tips for discovering talent at its best include but not limited to the following;
·         Take note of what you do that catches the attention and warrants the appreciation of family and     friends.
·     Give concentration to what you do with all level of easiness, comfort and with high sense of perfection.
·         Watch what you think, say or do conveniently without special training or tutoring.
·         Be conscious of the beneficial things you willingly do anyday, anytime and anywhere.
·     Believe in the praise you get from some things you do without attaching much seriousness or efforts.

The problem of developing and subsequently marketing already discovered talent(s) set in almost immediately. It's best profitable and more productive when we develop the talent for adequate profitability. Basic tips that helps in achieving this include;

Ø  Get more creative
Ø  Believe in the talent value
Ø  Build a working self confidence
Ø  Always be open and free minded
Ø  Be ready to learn
Ø  Think big
Ø  Move and deal with positive minded people
Ø  Inculcate good relating skills
Ø  Pray and persevere!

Discovered and well developed talent(s) is believed to be enough for successful living as it is the way to go in all endeavours! Know your talent, develop it by exploring and researching, believe in it, market it well; then be sure the you in you will take you there.

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Ibraheem Adekunle Adedigba) is a budding writer and social critic. He has a great analytic mind and commits most of his time to developing young people and talents. Contact him via 08037811854 or  akogunomooyo@gmail.com

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