Breaking Boundaries, Pushing Limits


"To break boundaries, you must push beyond limits; for dreams may crash, hearts may get broken, hopes may die but don't stop because if you do, you will miss the next great moment of your life. Keep on moving." Chimezie Udechukwu

The statement *you can only get what you inspect and not what you expect* is such a powerful statement that further shows how tactical you are in deploying your strategy for winning.

Sometime ago we talked about *the sincerity of purpose* Someone once said *you can only supervise what you know* that struck me because a leader can only lead if he knows what he's doing. It therefore shows that Sincerity of purpose encourages accomplishments.

While building your character as a leader, build your knowledge too. This is called *Competence* in the world of work today, character isn't enough to get you the job, you need the blend of *character, charisma and competence,* Know something about everything and everything about something.

It doesn't make you a jack of all trade and a master of none, but it you sure makes you a fine leader who understands that for anyone to go with you towards your vision, you must have demonstrated great knowledge about the destination, with the finest of charisma and a dose of impeccable character.

It is not always a ride in the park but when you know and you are open minded even when setbacks come, you will be better prepared to celebrate when the war is won!

*You can only control what you measure. Push on, stand your ground. The glory days are here!*

Keep pushing Keep doors!


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  1. Great write up Jisi.
    I salute your wisdom Sir