Assumption and presupposition: two frictions of conflict


Assumptions and presuppositions are the two major causes of frictions which ultimately leads to conflict, a visible absence of , or the lack of understanding serves as catalyst to stoke the embers of discord. Assumptions make for wrong conclusions while presuppositions hinders us from taking action. Fend off temptation to assume and the urge to presuppose and learn to understand, that way we can build healthy relationships and promote peace in our communities.

70 years after its formation, the UN has striven to avert  major international conflicts after the two WWs despite many conflagrations across the world.

Multilateral diplomacy is the approach to avoiding global clashes. The Model UN provides a platform for future managers of global affairs to be acquire skills that Will prepare them for the future assignment.

At IMUNN, we are committed to providing panaceas for the plethora of global issues. 
As newly appointed Vice President of the Security Council, it is my esteemed pleasure to welcome you to to register and be a part of a unique experience.

Don't assume, Decide Today.

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