Congratulations on your election as gifted hands


Dear World Class Presidents,

Congratulations on your election as President of your club for the 2015-2016 Be a Gift to the World RI year. Indeed it is an exciting time to not just be a Rotaractor, but also a \president as this confers upon you, a golden opportunity to lead and galvanize your club towards effective community,  professional and leadership development not only within your immediate environment, but among your members.

My name is Chimezie Udechukwu, [PP, Amuwo Main], your Assistant District Rotaract Representative, ADRR for Lagos East, comprising 18 clubs in 4 zones [your club is among]. I am indeed very excited as this gives me another opportunity to learn, relearn and unlearn.

Learning is pivotal to success in life and as such every day, we put ourselves to knowing more, adding up and becoming better. As leaders you must devote yourselves to learning about Rotaract, its ideals, its objects; you must learn about your club, its members, their psychology and what works for each of them. This is how you become effective and successful.

Relearning provides a good opportunity for us to become even greater leaders and motivators. When you are humble to the point of wanting to know better, refreshing your memory, and restocking your knowledge reservoir so as to be able to be true gifts to your members and to the world.

When we unlearn, we give room for advancement. By so doing, we let go of myths, uncertainties, poorly processed information, harmful knowledge and other vices that impedes our personal development. When we let such go, we free up more space to take up more leaning and relearning experiences which helps in our journey of leadership and service.

Hence, I invite you again, on behalf of the DRR Incoming, Timothy Oluwaseun Bamgbose, to prepare to UNLEASH YOUR PASSION! Passion for service, leadership, mentoring, volunteering, and giving.  I am sure you already have copies of the District Handbook for the year. Please study it and use it as a guide to planning your year. Also, I have directed your respective Zonal Representatives to get in contact with you, please work with them for they possess the experience you need to succeed.

The district has high expectations from the team for the coming year, hence all hands must be on deck to show that we can all be true gifts to our world having been successful in our Light up Rotary campaign Therefore the core focus of our entire work together in the next twelve months would be

·        Global recognition [Clubs must be registered and active on
Membership Growth and Development
·        Rotaract Knowledge
·        Service Projects [Bigger, better, sustained]
·        Regular meetings
·        Accountability
·        Reorientation [What Rotaract really is]
·        Developing meeting content
·        Building stronger networks
·        Personal development

Furthermore, within the next ten [10] days, I expect each one of you to furnish me with the following documents via email.
·        Club Year Plan for 2015-2016
·        Club Membership Data [With Phone Numbers & Occupation]
·        Meeting Days, time and venue
·        List of Board of Directors
·        Financial Budget plan for the year [Including Receipts & Payments].
·        Investiture date, time and venue
Enclosed in this mail are;
1. the zonal structures and the clubs in your zones.
2. The data format for clubs within your zones to enter their club membership data and return to the District before the 20th of June.
3. The Itinerary for the DRR for the Year.
4. A document you would find quite useful as the recommendations are being studied by the Rotary District.
Please study all the documents carefully and use it as a guide in preparing your action plans.
We shall have 4 Multi club meetings for the year. one in August, November, February and May. please look for the quarter your zone prefers and then plan along. These meetings are dear to me because they would serve as a veritable platform for learning, networking and growth. I expect to hear details of venues and other logistics in your report.
Indeed dear friends, we have been called to serve and be a gift not just to the world alone, but to our own organization. In the coming months, I look forward to being blessed by your various gifts.

While I expect full compliance with the above directive, I look forward to seeing you all on the 27th June, 2015 at Wilophy Hotel, Cele Nicer, Okoko by 6pm for a meeting when we all attend the \District Awards Dinner.

Should you have any reason to call or even seek a meeting with me with regards to anything I have said, please feel free to call me at anytime. In the nearest future we shall be creating a Whatsapp group to facilitate discussions.

Always, be assured of my warmest regards as we indeed prepare tto unleash our passions by being true Gifts to the World.

Till I read your replies, continue in your giant strides in Lighting up Rotary as we prepare to be amazing Gifts to our World.
Once again, Congratulations!

I remain your World Class Friend, Servant, Motivator and Volunteer

Rotaractly yours,

Chimezie Judemary Udechukwu
ADRR, Lagos East
District 9110, Nigeria

07038025080, 07084800283

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