Reinventing and revitalizing for relevance


My reflection is on Revitalizing and Reinventing for Relevance It is based on the #MugPhilosophy approach and it is a® for OjisiEmezie. While these principles were developed with Rotaract in mind it is also relevant in our journey towards personal development

As we move on trying to grapple with the many challenges bedeviling us I only appeal to all of us to think deep and hard about where we are, where are going to and how we intend to get there. This period is highly sacrosanct as it provides us with an opportunity to apply #MugPhilosophy approach Its time to regroup-retreat-reflect-restrategize-refocus-replenish-regain-rebrand and relaunch in a grand style typical of global youth organizations, if we must truly be Gifts to Our World.

So let's begin!

The essence of any reinventing process is to gather what is astray, pull them together and administer the necessary change, correct the flaws and place them in a more vantage position. When we are confused, we scatter into different groups and factions and hence lose our collective voice, strength and willpower. Hence if we must achieve success we must come together, speak with one voice and act with one accord; to do this effectively, we must move to the next step which is to retreat.

This is an age long tradition of military generals and a tool for analyzing current situations and projecting future victories. Retreat is not surrendering neither is it a sign of weakness it is an introspection within to discover inner strength; a formidable strategy for those who seek to win today. It is a powerful tool often employed by highly successful people, teams, organizations and brands.

It leads to discovery and as Sun Tzu says know thyself and know thy enemies and in a hundred battle you will have a hundred victories. Understanding one's innate strength lies in introspection. The 2011-2012 Rotary International Theme Reach Within To Embrace Humanity as espoused by Kalyan Banerjee is a powerful reminder of the need to go back inside. Thus, Reflection is golden for those wish to take charge of their potentials and hit the bulls eye when it comes to maximum success.

After reflection comes the time to re-strategize, as it helps us take stock of our ammunitions and how we can advance to gain victories; when we draw back to analyze multiple means of winning opens up before us. This involves inclusion, listening, consensus building and team play. Believe me helps us in refocusing our collective abilities and utilities

It helps us rewrite our vision and mission; redraw our objectives and values to meet the demands of contemporary trends. When you refocus, it helps you at adjust to meet the rhythm of global doing so, we look at what we need to do away with in terms of projects, programs, activities, attitudes etc. To excel in this epoch we live in we must opt to grow and this is what it means to refocus for it helps us to replenish whatever diminishing strength there exist so we can move forward.

To replenish is to restock to make or add up. You may have lost out to many opportunities due to lackluster performance ineptitude mismanagement leadership failure loss of direction lack of orientation and in some cases, a huge shortage of passion for service. Now is the time to retool, to relearn, to giddy up; yes, it’s time to replenish your ailing wings, legs, brains and bodies for effectiveness when we do this well then we can regain lost trusts and territories.

Regaining means reacquisition and recapturing and these are a direct concomitant of re-strategizing. We have lost much that the process of reclaiming is nigh we must tarry no longer. We must recover lost confidences, trusts and goodwill once enjoyed for they took years to garner and cannot be wasted away owing to the overambitious nature of some disgruntled elements who lack the collective good of us all in mind.

 A key essential in both personal and organizational survival.  The essence of evolution and reinvention is to stay relevant within the current scheme of things in our world today. Rotary did rebrand after 109 years and the result is the more interactive Change is the only constant thing in life. The taste may remain the same but the packaging is different ask CocaCola or Pepsi, Guiness, Fidelity Bank, First Bank and even Union Bank. It is said that when the taste of the wine changes then you must change the drinking pattern ask our elders for authentication.

Finally relaunch! To relaunch means to introduce into an environment after certain modifications and adjustments has been done. This is the final output of the #MugPhilosophyapproach. Before we relaunch there is a certainty of improvement on the product to be relaunched. Today the world turns to China as the global hub for commerce and technology but not many have turned to history to read about Chairman Mao Zedong and his brilliant theory of delinking in order repackage and relaunch China Into global relevance among the comity of nations. Lee Kwan Yu of Singapore also understood this and this was how he transformed Singapore from a third world city to a First World City State in just thirty five years. With relaunch comes a greater expectation; of improved quality and standard of high service delivery of greater personnel effectiveness and customer satisfaction on.

"Believe in what you do, do what you believe in".

Speaker, Compere, Volunteer

Think it! Believe it! Work at it! Achieve it!

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