IMUNN Secretary General’s address of welcome


Chimezie Udechukwu

Very Distinguished Participants,

An African proverb says “if you think you are too small to make an impact, then you have not spent a night a night with a mosquito”. You have chosen to be a part of one of the fast growing Model United Nations not just in Africa, but in the world. Let me congratulate you for this fine choice.

On behalf of the Secretariat and the entire Team at Value for Tomorrow Initiative, I bid you welcome to the Second Session of the International Model United Nations, Nigeria which we have tagged IMUNN II. I feel very excited and at the same time privileged at my choice of Secretary General. Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the organs and systems of the UN that aims to educate participants about civics, effective communication, globalization, multilateral diplomacy, the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs etc. It encourages unity in diversity, team play, qualitative research, critical thinking, analytical writing, excellent bargaining and negotiation skills, as well as public speaking and presentation skills.

According to the 2012 Report to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon titled “Realizing the Future we want for all” The central challenge of the post-2015 UN development agenda is to ensure that globalization becomes a positive force for all the worlds’ peoples of present and future generations. Globalization offers great opportunities, but its benefits are at present very unevenly shared. The continuous striving for improvements in material welfare is threatening to surpass the limits of the natural resource base unless there is a radical shift towards more sustainable patterns of con­sumption and production and resource use. Persistent inequalities and struggles over scarce resources are among key determinants of situations of conflict, hunger, insecurity and violence, which in turn are key factors that hold back human development and efforts to achieve sustainable development.

It is against this background that our theme for this year’s conference is “Tackling the Challenges of Inequality in an ever Fragmented World; Working Towards the Future of our Collective Dreams”.
Hence, we welcome you to Lagos Nigeria, the entertainment and economic hub of Africa, venue for this Conference. Lagos offers you a true picture of a cosmopolitan metropolis where cultures meet, destinies are achieved, ideas, are birthed and above all, it presents a more glowing example of the unevenness in our world today. As some people have argued, the fractious, confused, unequal and dangerous world we live in today cannot be the main alternative to global peace and prosperity. 

Humanity will need to rise above the prevailing ideas which have produced chaos, terrorism, mass misery, cyclic global financial problems, climate change disasters and unimaginable refugee and Internally Displaced Persons, IDP crises, to build an egalitarian world based on freedom, peace, fairness, equity and social justice; the very core values upon which the United Nations was formed.
I look forward to sharing your ideas, learning new cultures but above all, arriving at workable solutions to mitigate this worrisome trend that threatens the success of the SDGs. I also look forward to leading you through some of the wonderful spots that makes Lagos, truly the Centre of Excellence.

Ekaabo! Nno nu! Sannunku!

Chimezie Judemary Udechukwu
Secretary General
IMUNN 2016

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