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“Won gbe Iyawo lo, o nke” Yoruba Song

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Dear Future Wife,

All my life, I have wondered why men cry on their wedding day. Sebi na dem be stronger vessels abi? I have thought and thought about what would give rise to a full grown man cry before igwe ndi mmadu.  The thing tire me sef.

Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling, weddingSebi na only women dey cry say dem dey leave their papa house go another person house? Na wen men dem take over from dem?

Now, one of the most difficult questions every man wishing to enter into the marriage vocation must ask a woman is; will you marry me? This question is hard and it demands a lot of courage to go one kneel to pop the question. And so it is for the woman wishing to enter into the marriage vocation. For her, that is the most anticipated question to which an affirmative answer must have been thought through.

Nne, this would be my 15th year as #LagosCompere and I have been privileged to handle the mic at various occasions in all four corners of this country and beyond, but I am most emotional at weddings - especially of those I am friends with.

In October 2016, I was in Calabar, it was Ikenna and Sybil. At the wedding Mass inside the Catholic Chaplaincy inside the 13 Brigade Akim Army barracks, all went well. We took pictures and everyone was happy. Then we got to the reception venue and after all the plenty serenre  It was time for the couple dance and Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud cooed from the mighty speakers of the DJ, and Ikenna wept!

As in, the nwa guy wept uncontrollably. At first we didn’t notice. It was when Sybil his bride after trying without succeeding in calming him down, started her own tears that we all noticed.

Why they danced, they both wept! I was stunned. Even as compere, I was lost for words.

The name Ojisi came In my freshman year in College 2005, at a drama rehearsal.. It was the first time I met him and we became friends afterwards. In 2010 I met a beautiful and kind hearted young woman. In 2011, their love story started and it blossomed through her days in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. It was the same time where he worked..

 When in March 2017 Onyeka asked that question somewhere upon delicate sands of Oniru Beach, Chinenye said yes. Again September, the train moved to Abia State where they both drank from the same gourd containing fresh nkwu elu  everything went well.

Over the weekend, we gathered at St. joseph the Worker Catholic Chaplaincy, Awka nd then it happened!

This time around, Onyeka who hitherto had been forming James bond and Shina Rambo abi is it even Jet li sef just broke down and wept seriously gaan. 

Hei! Dear people of God, we could have scooped a bucket full of his tears had we paid so much attention to its flow. Mana ya di ba. So the bobo after all his regular visits to the gym and weight lifting just fell yakata when Nene said Yes I do.

After Mass, some very mischievous friends of mine chief of which is one fine boy lawyer born in march but with the name Valentine decided that, that day won’t go unremembered. So The Man wey get Abuja  coined a joke out of it.

Uzo nke obe,. 15th Stattion, Cross ebe akwa!

The amazing thing was that before, during and after the Mass, |Chinenye was seen bouncing and bubbling  with pure excitement! Her dance steps were something else. Ha, even the youngest of her sisters almost broke my waist in a dance. 

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Nne, I still do not know why men cry on their wedding day. I will try not embarrass you on that day with my tears, but should it come like that of Ikenna and Onyeka, and indeed all others before them,  know it is not a sign of weakness but an outward expression of the sincere gratitude of a heart saying thank Lord for making my dreams come true by blessing my soul of gift of gifts!

To Onyeka and Chinenye, may the Lord bless you and keep you. May you both blossom and boom all year round. May your taste in each other remain spicy. May appetites remain strong and may dance together be eternal! Congratulations dear friends. We are right behind you.

One Step Closer!


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  1. Nice one Ojisi... mana Cross bebe ezigbo akwa ooo, lol. serious 15th station!