The Presence of Gifts. The Gift of Presence


"Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed." Wayne Dyer

Happy new month!

This month means so many things to so many people. To some it is their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, milestones, Vals day inclusive; to all Nigerians, a chance to redefine our future as a nation. But in all of these, one thing stands out, the fact that this month is a gift to all of us as individuals.

Life is a gift to us from God and what we make do with it is our gift back to God. The presence of gifts in our lives demonstrate the beauty if life; the gift of presents on the other hand teaches the warmth of friendship, the bond of love and the attachment we share as humans living together on planet earth. This is the main reason for the opening quote.

The Presence of Gifts

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The Presence of Gifts; no matter the type, shape, size, form, weight, texture or value, a gift is always cherished especially if it comes willingly from a living heart and received by grateful soul. For many like me, the intention and not even the gift itself is what pleases me.

The presence of gifts helps us to better appreciate and value our possessions even though many take it for granted owing at an abusing and chronic level of familiarity and contempt. Right from my childhood days I have always been fascinated with television shows. Perhaps after reading, watching TV then was my favourite pastime. I still do watch TV shows.

The first sport I fell in love with when I attained the age of reasoning was wrestling. Yes World Wrestling Federation, WWF as it then was. Hawk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels; the mystic Undertaker, Kane, Mick Foley and Paul Bier. Chai did forget to add Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Triple H. If you played Smackdown on PlayStation one, then you can relate to this rush of exhilaration passing through me now. These guys made it so interesting and thanks to NTA, MiTV and MBI (I wonder where they are now) we were able to follow the trend.

I loved "King of the Ring" and SummerSlam and of course "Royal Rumble". Even when Vince McMahon decided to make it a full-time show business by renaming it World Wrestling Entertainment with new athletes such as Goldberg, Bronk Lesner, Randy Orton, Shamus etc, I still find time to watch it.

Royal Rumble is an intriguing brand of Wrestling where 30 athletes come into the ring after every one minute or 90 seconds. To win, you must be the last man standing after throwing others over the ropes. Life is like the Royal Rumble. It throws up at different times and the level of success is not attributed to age. This is why we have Millennials. It takes survival skills to remain relevant in the game.
What is your game plan? No one goes into the Rumble without a plan. It's February 2nd, and a lot is happening. People are being introduced to the ring (born), others over the ropes (die), what is your strategy for survival?

The winner of the Royal Rumble gets a shot at becoming the main challenger for the World Title at WrestleMania. There are rewards for developing life skills and survival strategies; one of them is participating in the Major Leagues! When you prepare for what you pray for, you have no regrets when your requests are granted because you just hit the ground running!

The Gift of a Presence:

Image result for Gifts vs presentsPerhaps one of the greatest gifts we can ever give is the gift of our presence. Whether talent, treasure, time or thinking. Being there is being true friends. The gift of presence is worth more than we can quantify in pecuniary terms. When people gift you with their presence, it goes a long way to show their love and regard for you.

A true friend is one who stands by, no matter the weather. So many wars, conflicts and conflagration rage on in our world today simply because we have become too selfish with our presence not to talk of offering it as a gift to our neighbour. Again, Charles Umeh’s words from yesterday’s piece comes handy “One of the many challenges we have in our generation is that we don't do conversations anymore we simply do comments... You just look around to where it has left us.” When we deviate from conversing, we comment. And when we do that, we simply deny others the gift of our presence.

In 2018, no matter when you are introduced into the ring, have that game plan and stick to it but with some room for modifications based on the unfolding circumstances. Also, let your presence be a gift to others. Let their faces light up, their hearts glow and their smile broaden when they see you come around. And dearie, never be afraid to give the performance of a lifetime each time you get into the ring!

40 days after his birth, we celebrate his presentation at the temple. Jesus is a gift ever present to, and for us; hence he’s referred to as omnipresent!

Lord Jesus. Present us with your blessings.


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