Why We Can't Can Communicate


“One of the many challenges we have in our generation is that we don't do conversations anymore we simply do comments... You just look around to where it has left us.” Charles Umeh

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On this space I have repeatedly said that "assumptions and suppositions are the major causes of conflicts in our world today." I still hold on to that theory. You see, we continue to assume that people know what they should do; people also suppose that as humans, we should understand. This is the irony that we find ourselves in.

In 2012, the very pretty Matse Uwatse, one of the pioneer OAP on Wazobia FM gave a compelling speech at the Charter Presentation ceremony of the Rotaract Club of Amuwo Main where I was privileged to serve as the Chair of the Planning Committee. Her presentation was titled Broadcasting for Peace  and there she stressed on the importance of proper communication in our quest for peaceful coexistence. 
More than five years and her words remain relevant in our society today. When we look at the ways by which we express ourselves, the mutual suspicions; more assumptions and suppositions, the fact that the elites continue to pitch us against each other. Peace is not the absence of war. It is the promotion of equity, equal rights and justice . 

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While Conflict on the other hand  is part of our shared human experience, and commonly exists within our own minds, as well as in our families, institutions, and local and global communities. It is a deviation from the expected norms, a breakdown in communication, a friction which arises from the misunderstanding that arises from our lack of similarities.

But peace is possible especially when we communicate right with each other. Gone are the days of isolationism. We level in constantly evolving world where we are exposed to tons and tons of information. Since communication is a two way street, it means we must give and take; hence we can can't communicate especially in our quest for peaceful aspirations, the promotion and practice of a culture of peace and acceptance of our collective diversity as a means for understating and growth.

In the hall that day when Matse spoke was a young man whose was inducted as a Charter member of the Amuwo Main Rotaract club. three years later, he would become President of the club, and five years after, he would become a District Representative. 

Now listen to Titus Ogunniyi District Rotaract Representative for Rotaract District 9110 Nigeria in his Message to mark the Peace and Conflict Prevention and Resolution Month in Rotary. His words resonates what Matse Uwatse shared nearly six years ago; 

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The world as we know it is a battle ground but not only for human existence but conquering species and breaking new grounds… These battles which are played out in forms of warfare deter us from the act of Building Communities Bridging Continents, hence we require beyond human defined means to carry on. In many cases only Love can solve the need for a peaceful coexistence between humans which in itself requires us to Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.”

This effort provides us with ample ability to ensure that the world is a better place. In Nigeria we are in constant need of Peace Through Service as we have all shades of conflict perpetrators across the nation. Fulani herdsmen from the North, Avengers from the South and Boko Haram in various places but these are not the only perpetrators. In recent times we have learnt of how domestic violence and various other crimes to mankind has dealt a heavy blow on the hearts and minds of growing children and rendered them inept to understand the need to true peace, even peace from within.”

“The lives of children who suffered rape, molestation and other forms of vices and violence has lost the essence of a serene existence and hence by creating awareness on the need for true peace we provide these minds with the right information to stay clear of conflict."

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As my mentor said in the opening quote, we can curb the ugly trend of assumptions and suppositions by not just "commenting" but rather "conversing" for in conversations, we build communication and more commitment. In our conversations, we grow in our understanding of each other. In our understanding, we promote love and peace coexistence and are willing to serve each other, for that is the language of peace! 

Constant communication can end assumptions and suppositions, thereby putting an end to frictions which grow into conflicts.

We must continue to advocate for peace, because peace comes from within. For as Marvin Gaye once said, if you cannot find peace within you, you not find elsewhere"

So you see, we can't can communicate!


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