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"The way to love anything is to realize it can be lost. It is not panic, it is putting things in perspective” Charles Umeh

"Surulere", “Ndidiamaka”
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 Patience Pays! There is virtue in orderlies and slow isn’t inaction.

In 2003 the movie "Honey" was released directed by Billie Woodruff featuring Jessica Alba (Honey) and other stars. It was centered on a girl who's dreams of becoming a choreographer and also helping the kids in her Community came true. Now the movie has quite touchy scenes but perhaps the most emotional for me was the final scenes at the dance benefit held to raise funds for the dance studio for the kids. The kids danced to Yolanda Adam's *I Believe* oh how teary I get whenever I listened to that song not only because of the highly powerful vocals of Yolanda but because of the message.

One of the things lacking in the relationship between Youths and adults is patience. Yes patience. Adults are not patient with the youthfulness of the young; the young are not patient with the wisdom of the elders manifested in long talks and slow processes. Hence the elders are want to always say what an elder can see sitting down; a child cannot see if he climbs the tallest iroko tree.

But patience is a virtue, a central part to solving the many conflicts, crises, conflagrations and bickering in our world today. Lack of patience breeds suspicion, hatred, envy, jealousy, anger, pride and resentment. When we rush, we make some error in judgement.

We have always said that assumptions and suppositions are direct causes of conflicts and this is rooted in hasty conclusions which ignore the deep thought processes that patience engenders. Like the opening quote affirms, when we love and know that people or things we love can be lost, it gives us an impetus to take our time in re-assessing our approach to how we relate others.

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The youth is known for their beauty, exuberance, vigor, energy, innovation, impatience and rush among others. Adults are known inter alia for their wisdom, time taking, elaborate plans, and thorough checks. Patience is the bridge that connects the wisdom of the old and the energy of the youth to achieve a common goal.

But of course, many would be quick to say that isn't workable. Not with the growing rate of hardship, falling Naira, increasing poverty and inequality especially in the Nigerian economy. Truth be told, the situation is pathetic. But we must embrace patience! Rome wasn't built in a day; neither did China become the global economic hub overnight.

When the elders are not patient with the young and hurriedly conclude on everything they do, when the youth believe that the elders are always slow in responding to things, then the right recipe for conflict is brewed.

We can get out of the shithole [I can’t believe I am saying this], but we must realize that in the journey of life, no one can win the war individually, there comes a time when the wisdom of the elders and energy of the youth must converge and blend into a powerful weapon of peace.

In this era of naira swallowing snakes and monkeys, at a time when the collective prestige and integrity of our nation is being tested, it is time to converge at the confluence of reasoning where the aroma of the mix of wisdom and energy is enough to ignite peaceful and harmonious coexistence.

Yes, the glory days are ahead, soon it would be ours but then Patience, Energy and Wisdom are key to our nation's success.

Image may contain: 6 peopleIt is time to engage our strengths to put our country back on track! As Rosa Parks once said  "I believe we are here on the planet Earth to live, grow up and do what we can to make this world a better place for all people to enjoy freedom."

We can do this!


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