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"A disordered currency is one of the greatest political evils." Daniel Webster

Since the return to civilian rule, we have battled with the acceptability of the Naira in international trade. The US Dollars have become the decider of major economic policies of most African states. As at the opening of business today the official CBN rate is N360.50 to $1. While many of us rejoice as Against the N386 it sold earlier this year, it is imperative to ask How did we get here?

C. S. Lewis once said "The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is."

Ko kan aye!
This is the buzzword now. Yes it's not peoples business how you live your life so stop seeking attention through social validation.

Ko kan aye
When you grumble and whine and refuse to step up to the occasion rather you sit down and curse, accusing others of your misfortune.

Obodo di njo bu uru ndi Nze The rulers benefit from the disordered nature of the economy so indeed ko kan aye

Ko kan aye
If you decide to not do what you are supposed to do and wait for the government to do everything for you, oremi (my friend) ko kan aye!

Ko kan aye
When our Political office holders think of how they can always take their quarter, without contributing their quota to our Commonwealth, and leave us with a disordered currency while its citizens do nothing.

Ko kan aye
When a country with over $68 billion in its foreign reserves during the oil boom couldn't effectively manage the surplus, instead it continues to operate a rentier economy where it favours cronies of the political elites, then we shouldn't expect much as citizens.

Simply put, ko kan aye loosely translates to it's not life's concern; whatever you decide to do with your life is up to you. People can only influence you but the real decoder is yourself. So never forget that whatever you do, whoever you are, we all have got 24 hours each and what we do with it is up to us as individuals.

If you are among those who apply the ko kan aye rule to issues affecting your country and community, then permit me to call you an enemy within, a Fifth Columnist

According to Merriam-Webster "Fifth column, a translation of the Spanish Quinta Columna, was inspired by a boast by rebel general Emilio Mola during the Spanish Civil War." "Mola predicted Madrid would fall as four columns of rebel troops approaching the city were joined by another hidden column of sympathizers within it."

"In an October 1936 article in The New York Times, William Carney described those secret rebel supporters as the "fifth column," and English speakers seized upon the term. It gained widespread popularity after Ernest Hemingway used it in the title of a 1938 book, and it was often applied (along with derivative forms such as "fifth columnism" and "fifth columnist") to Nazi supporters within foreign nations during World War II."

The concept of Fifth Columnists is rife in our world today and it had hindered many people from achieving their success. So how do you conquer them? Who should you share your ideas with? How do you know they are not the people plotting your downfall? Is a close mouth not a closed destiny? if you don't share, how can people hear and support?

Just let the works speak for themselves. You mustn't always talk about it, just do it. But, be smart enough to know when you need collaboration and when you are rattling like a parrot. As Charles Umeh says "Shock everyone by finishing what you started. Talk less about it and set another crazy goal. The joke is on you. Others are spectators always remember that."

Eight years ago, I left Jalingo, the Capital city of Taraba, north east Nigeria, after my National Youth Service. I miss the town as it then was; peaceful, tranquil and accommodating. I miss the NACC Family House in Jalingo. I miss all the exciting moments. But I am glad whenever I remember the bond of unity, the efficacy of prayer, the power of praise, the joy of service, the importance of discipline, the strength of love, the spirit of sharing, the effect of intercession; to work is to pray, discipline means duty!

They never believe in the dangerous philosophy of ko kan aye because they understand that serving a community with passion goes beyond just doing your NYSC, it comes with a love that propels you to act; a genuine concern towards community development. A tree does not make a forest.

Dear friends, in 2018, focus on delivering the child let the world ask when you got pregnant! Always have the element of surprise. Don't ever be predictable. It's not sports betting

Ti ko ba kan aye, tani o kan?


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