Rotaract at 50: Diary of an Alumni


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Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude. Denis Waitley

Rotaract is good. Last week I was awarded a scholarship of $2500 by the Rotary club of Hays in Kansas just because I am a Rotaractor and because I provided my Rotaract membership certificate, membership development committee certificate and award I received. I will also be given to opportunity over the next rotary year to speak to several rotary clubs around the state of Kansas. Rotaract is good. Zikora Udenze

Image result for Images of Chimezie Judemary UdechukwuThe whole essence of service is to give without remembering the names or even faces of the beneficiaries. It is important that the world speaks the language of peace which is Service! To meet great speakers, listen to great speeches, learn great lessons from the world’s greatest volunteers.

To share fellowship with amazing friends who see the uniqueness in you, encourage your talents and help you serve society better. To utilize the deep reach, to do more good in our world; to share educate and give. This for me is the answer to the question #whydidyoujoinrotaract

If you light a candle for someone, it will also brighten your path. If service is below you, then leadership is beyond you. Joining Rotaract back then in my college days was one of the best decisions I ever made as a young person.. In the 10 years and few months I spent in the club, it helped me in so many ways; Rotaract has given me the opportunity to meet amazing sets of people. I have grown in self-development, finding out the you in me.

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                                                Why be afraid to serve, Celebrate,  Give?

At Rotaract, we build communities  We bridge countries  We serve above self  We cure disease We pump water We build minds We bring hope  We are rotaractors. We are trained to look within and embrace humanity, to be the inspiration, to be gifts to our world, to light up the world, to build communities and bridge continents; we are charged to serve humanity, to make a difference by building peace through service.


Because we are the future of Rotary!

Image result for Images of Chimezie Judemary UdechukwuOn 13th March 1968, an idea was conceived, there was a need to balance the wisdom of the old with the energy of the young, to further accentuate Rotary's service to humanity. ROTARACT was coined from *ROTARy-in-ACTion” and since then it has become Rotary's best kept secret. This is the foundations of the Golden Jubilee being celebrated today.

There is this certain kind of adrenaline rush in you when you are on the right path, a kind of power that enables - dunamis that propels you to continue. I feel so this morning even though I want to remain indoors after all the rigors of planning an executing a community service project.

Rotaract has evolved from just a youth program of Rotary to become its partners, complimenting Rotary's efforts in the areas of Basic Literacy & education, child and maternal health, economic and community development, water and sanitation, peace and Conflict prevention and resolution, and disease prevention.

The heart that is wicked is that which cannot love. If you can love, then you can Serve, Celebrate, Give Godson Emagui former Rotaractor now Rotarian  says The worthiness of living is deeply rooted in our services to humanity.... Rotary is good!!!

Image result for Images of Chimezie Judemary UdechukwuI completely agree with him. After nearly 11 years serving as a volunteer, I hope to move over to Rotary soon. We are servants and service is in our DNA. As Rotaract celebrates 50 years, we celebrate the achievements of more than 210, 000 young people in over 9,000 clubs in 168 countries and geographical location. We salute their unflinching commitment to achieving the SDGs and also making our world a better place. "You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right." Rosa Parks.

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With District Governor 9110, Dr. Wale Ogunbadejo
Thanks to past RI President Luther H. Hodges for conceiving the idea of Rotaract! Thanks to the 1967/1968 RI Board of Directors for accepting to establish Rotaract! Thanks to the Rotaract Club of the University of North Charlotte, North Carolina District 7680 for blazing the trail! Thanks to the 2010 Council on Legislation for deeming it fit to elevate Rotaract to the Fifth Avenue of Service!

A Big congratulations to the more than 219,397 Rotaractors in 9,539 clubs in over 170 countries for their efforts at complementing Rotary‘s contributions in our world! Its been an amazing 50 years, almost 11 of which I was privilege to be part of.
Congrats to all Rotaractors!

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