Just Like the Wolf, You is Crazy


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"You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven." Jimi Hendrix

You is crazy
When you stand up to the truth in the midst of glowing sycophancy.

You is crazy
When you is not beat down by the regulars when your idea and convictions for success is as strong as olumo rock and you remain unshaken like the rock of Gibraltar.

Yes you is crazy!

But look round and search your history be it in the library or in the Clouds and tell me which of the successful inventors were normal and not considered crazy at one point in time. *Ngwanu, let your craze blossom into a creation that the world will appreciation*

Our Savior, Jesus Christ was considered crazy! His teachings absurd, his healings doubted; his authenticity questioned. But he stayed focused, remained on course and wasn't deterred in his quest to fulfilling his purpose on earth.

You don't have to listen to the negative vibes oozing from the haters, nor should you inhale the toxins coming from the naysayers. Continue on your craziness and create your #pepperdemgang., yes darling carve your niche.

It is only those who are crazy that are bold enough to go against the flow, to sail against the tide; to be lone voice in the wilderness.

Learn from the wolves; let your craziness urge you on to success!

The attitude of the wolf can be summed up simply: it is a constant visualization of success. The collective wisdom of wolves have been progressively programmed into their genetic makeup throughout the centuries. Wolves have mastered the technique of focusing their energies toward activities that will lead to the accomplishment of their goals.

Wolves do not run aimlessly around their intended victims, yipping and yapping. They have a strategic plan to execute and through constant communication, they attain their targets. When the moment of truth arrives, each understands his role and understands exactly what the pack expects of him.

The wolf does not depend on luck. The cohesion, teamwork and training of the pack determines whether the pack lives or dies.

Image result for Images of wolvesEveryone does not strive to be the leader in the wolf pack. Some are consummate hunters or caregivers or jokesters, but each seems to gravitate to the role he does best. This is not to say there not challenges to authority, position and status -there are. But each wolf‘s role begins emerging from playtime as a pup and refines itself through the rest of its years.

The wolf‘s attitude is always based upon the question, “What is best for the pack?“ This is in marked contrast to us humans who will always sabotage our organizations, families or businesses, if we do not get what we want.

Wolves are seldom really threatened by other animals. By constantly engaging their senses and skills, they are practically unassailable. They are masters of planning for the moment of opportunity to present itself and when it does, they are ready to act.

Because of training, preparation, planning, communication and a preference for action, the wolf‘s expectation is always to be victorious. While in actuality this is true only 10 percent of the time or less, the wolf‘s attitude is always that SUCCESS WILL COME-and it DOES!

In 2006, in my freshman year in college, one of my teachers now a Professor of English Joy Eyisi said *"an error is an error regardless of whose mouth it proceeds from."* Even those who are learned can err because to err is human...

So do not let their errors define your person, let your craze silence their mistakes for indeed You is Crazy!


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