Dear Future Wife, Asụsụ nke Obi m


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“Have you noticed that when you learn a new language and you have people to share it with through constant communication, there are more chances of you mastering that language? So it is with understanding what your spouse responds to, hence the love languages.” Chimezie Udechukwu

Dear Future Wife,

Around this time four years ago, I was trying to fill out an application on the Graduate Internship Program under the Federal Government of Nigeria's Ministry of Finance and I discontinued because I got to a stage where I saw Albinism under the Disability Category I know I have shared the story on this platform but please permit me to draw out an important lesson that struck me as went through that post again since Facebook brought it up as a memory.

"It is better to burn out than fade away." Neil Young. 

You see darling, since that incident, I reaffirmed to myself that no matter what society contrives; it matters not what bias, stereotypical perception or discriminatory antics or stance people exhibit towards me, I shall continue to live full and will die empty. I am grateful to the many friends who through their words of affirmation and expressed their love towards me.

It was Paulo Coelho who once wrote "It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting." I cannot agree more. Every day we wake to the possibility of achieving something. It makes us giddy with excitement, emboldens us with a certain kind of pulsating ginger that gushes forth with a boost of adrenaline that launches us inches and inches close towards our vision.

Ngwa Ojisi ozugo. Gbarie nukwu bekee  I na asu

Bae, I first came across the book *The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts* in my College days and since then I have bought several copies and shared with friends. My personal copy alongside some other cherished books is yet to be returned by friend for almost 5 years now

Uto m, from Words of Affrimation, Quality Time, Gifts, Physical Touch to Acts of Service, Dr. Gary Chapman launches us into a journey of spousal companionship and relationships. Take *Acts of Service* for instance. Many guys find difficult to assist their woman in the kitchen.

You come home, she's busy inside the kitchen and you can't even say "hey babe, what are you cooking and how can I help?" You forget that when you join her In perhaps shredding the vegetables or picking out the beans while she does other things, it not only speeds up the cooking but adds more romantic sparks to your relationship.

Again, for he girls, helping out with cooking or cleaning isn't slavery. There's something called situational awareness or sensitivity act on it and show some love by impulsively doing some acts that he didn't or wouldn't even expect, but helps in relieving some stress from him.

Hian! Ojisi ibia kwa! they would say. But it's true!

Asa m, while you chew on this for today as you look at spicing up our relationship by speaking the my Love Language do not forget it is the second day of the Holy Week and Jesus’ language to us was his many acts of service and love. He has given a new commandment *love one another as I have loved you* how do we communicate that love?

My love, I will continue to give myself in service as a libation poured out to helping people connect with their passion and establish their dreams. This is the essence upon which Ojisiemezie created. I am sure you can deal with this version of me. I

Dear reader, I would love to hear from you!

Sweets, I still remain the stars in your universe


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  1. Wahoo! Really telling real something inspiring. Good writing.