Laraba The Astronaut Who Never Was PART II


I hope you missed Laraba. I did too.

 So, YES; I am back. Hope your journey with me so far has been a good one? The girl who was told she cannot be an astronaut is learning never to limit herself to certain things and trying just a few things. I mean, she is young at heart and even physically, so why the resistance?  Is it fear of the unknown? Is it her underrating her potentials? Why is everyone urging her on in a safe path? Whatever happened to moving past boundaries, and reaching new heights?


Setting an ultimatum for yourself is one way to discover yourself, be your competition and see how eager you would become to be more than just another man’s wife. It is okay to have your fears and disbelief but it is not okay to think they cannot be overcome. As a growing woman who has set an ultimatum for age 25; some days I wake up and hate myself for not pushing harder, for not embracing my uniqueness and developing myself. Guess what; on those days when I question myself and condemn my disbelief, I discover more and achieve even more.

Remember I said Laraba wanted to be an astronaut back in elementary school; she got into high school and realized she would pass as a Lawyer. She could fight for the innocent, save the less privileged from being accused wrongly and be a super hero like Wonder-Woman; apart from Harry Potter and the Chipmunks, she loves super heroes too especially the female ones; today she wants to be Storm in X-Men the next day she wants to be Cat-Woman.

Away from super heroes, she started practicing law; advocating for friends and family. Although each time she was accused wrongly or advocating for someone who was wrongly, accused she would have tears rolling down her eyes. That was the beginning of her thinking that perhaps law was not her thing. Her siblings and mum would always laugh and ask if at every court reading; she would cry while presenting facts in defense of her clients.

Choosing a career is hard work, I mean how many stayed with their first career choice? Is she the only one this happened to? We all had a rethink right? What do we look out for when choosing a career path? My high school friend, Lisa enjoyed being the centre of attention; she would put on the most revealing skirts to school and would always have a party to attend every weekend. I got disgusted then but fast forward to six years later; she is a brand ambassador.


Being indecent was not justified but the lesson I learnt from her was; becoming a better you involves risk and persistence. Lisa posted not less than 50 hot pictures on her social media daily, who has that time, because I don’t. She got herself, clothes that were expensive and rejected food, reject food? I can’t ignore food; I would become so helpless without food. Yes let me make an open confession, I am a foodie. She registered in a gym and never missed a day; she pushed herself harder and got a reward finally. Obviously, that endorsement was the beginning of greater things to happen in her life.

Do you just make pronouncements verbally while lying on the bed? Do you want to lose weight but eat every single thing you see and never exercise? Do you believe the only way to becoming who you are involves getting tied to a wealthy man only? As a woman, you should always dare to be extra. You are not allowed to decide what you should or should not do as a female. The future is female and the start for that change is now.

Laraba will always be here to defend you.

Akuba Victoria is a makeup artist, an aspiring on-air personality and vlogger who is full of life, loves to write and take pictures  she writes in from Lagos Nigeria

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