Loyalty and Allegiance: The Strength of an Indomitable Will


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"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." Mohandas Gandhi

People join organizations for various reasons, it is same with relationships. . From personal fulfilment to value creation, to self-development and giving back; the essence isn't lost; there is a seeming compelling need to grow, to become better and to appreciate in terms of value and knowledge.

No matter the reason for joining, one thing becomes clear once you take the decision to join and that is, loyalty to the goals and objectives of that organization. You see, if you are not loyal, then you cannot become familiar with the terrain neither can you grow or even give adequately. Loyalty promotes Trust and friendship and this is a very important part of team and organizational development. 

Look around you, the major reasons why some firms’ collapse and people end up leaving is because there was an absence of loyalty either from the bottom-up or top-down. In between, it led to mistrust which gives rise to gap in communication, hatred, jealousy and strife. Loyalty gets us past the moments of tribulations, into heights of happiness and victories.

Sometimes in 2006 I became friends with a young lady who was just rounding off her freshman year in college. We had been members of a religious student club called St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Club for the Youth STECJECY whose Apostolate is to use our talents in the service of God and good mankind. My reason for joining was because I was a member of something similar back home in my parish in Festac. It was called The Evangelical Troupe.

Prior to July of 2006 we were acquaintances but after July when we were both elected to serve as Directors of Social in the 2006-2007 Executive Committee of the Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students NFCS, St. Joseph the Worker Chaplaincy, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, we developed a bond of friendship that has blossomed into family friendship.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Nwosu Oroma Uju, people smiling, people sittingShe would go on to finish her law program in Unizik come to Lagos for law school then go back to Kaduna for her NYSC and then return to Lagos where she currently resides with her family. She's so dear to me so that two days after burying my mum in February 2013, I left Ihiala in Anambra to go to Ohaji Egbema in Orlu Local government area in Imo State for her traditional marriage, and I was Master of Ceremonies at her wedding in June of that same year, leaving a very important retreat to be there.

Nwosu Oroma Uju is a woman with an indomitable will. She's a woman with a beautiful soul and everyone who comes across her can attest this. Her wisdom is uncommon and her disposition to doing good is simply phenomenal. Her allegiance to worthy causes is amazing!

Jojo as friends call her continues to teach me that when you put your trust in God wholeheartedly, he sure will not let you down. She's that woman that prays and it's amazing how many times she can put others before herself just so they can be comfortable. It is these lessons and the values that she espouses that have deepened our friendship over the years and today; I celebrate her for being a true definition of a friend.

Even after marriage, never be a stranger to the ones you care about. You may reduce your frequency of contacts and redefine your relationship but please never be a stranger even though Lagos has a way of changing people, stay through to your friends.

Image may contain: Nwosu Oroma Uju and Nwosu Henry, people smiling, people sittingUche's bae, Kamsy's mum, Ojisi's friend, may God continue to bless and expand your coast. You are a firm supporter and promoter of the OjisiEmezie brand, live long and prosper in good health of mind and body.

You keep teaching me to remain loyal to my allegiances and, I guarantee you that I will not stop!

Congratulations are indeed in order ma’am!


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  1. So touching JoJo...happy birthday.
    I can't remember calling her JoJo. Anyways, God bless ur new age. Amen

  2. So touching JoJo...happy birthday.
    I can't remember calling her JoJo. Anyways, God bless ur new age. Amen

  3. Such like alligance and loyalty are very valuable and that is a must-have for every person as I see it.

  4. Do I know this person maybe if see her picture I will remember