Dear Daddy, Lessons from my Mentor


Nwatakri nna ya kooro ya akuko, ya na mbe bu otu Igbo proverb

Emezie! Emezie!!

Image may contain: Nneka Udechukwu Nwikwu, standing and outdoorThat is how my name is called and only one person calls be by that name. his name, Ifeanyichukwu Linus Udechukwu. He was my father for 18 years and  it has been fourteen years since I last heard that voice.

Dear Daddy,

Today makes it 14 years since you answered the Glorious Call. Since then so much has happened; yes I finally went toNnamdi Azikiwe Univeristy, Awka  and got a degree in Political Science. I also went to the National Open Open University of Nigeria and acquired an Msc in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution.  

On that fateful Easter Tuesday, exactly 14 years ago, you answered the glorious call; leaving us without a word. Since then, it has not been easy but God is on the Throne. Dad, your leaving us was did take us by surprise but we grateful to God for his grace in our lives and for all He is doing in our lives.


You only met two of your grandchildren Malvin and Elvis but now, four more; three granddaughters Vanessa and Monalisa and Kobimchere, and one grandson, Chimaobi have been added. These are from your daughters; your sons are warming up.

Dad, we truly miss you as your many legacies still stand tall after your departure to the afterlife. We believe that God‘s perpetual light is shining upon you now as you are resting in his bosom enjoying the Beatific Vision with your darling Bridget, a place we also pray to be when we leave this world.

My Mentor!

Going through life and attaining the little successes we achieve without ur being around is quite sad noting how hard u pushed us to personal excellence! Life without you and Bridget is somehow but your lessons and teachings are great guides in this journey. Your legacies are forever etched in our hearts.


You were my first Priest, Bishop and Catechist. As a father, you were beyond the Pastor of our souls; you were to us your children, an administrator, a teacher, doctor, farmer, counsellor and more wrapped in one. Your unction as head and shepherd of the home was fully utilized. You taught me what it is to live full and die empty!

We will never forget your popular dictum which I have adopted as my daily mantra “a good name is better than gold or silver“.

It was Visvesvaraya who once said "If your business is only to sweep a crossing, remember it is your duty to make that crossing the best swept of the world."

Despite your little resources, you had a beautiful soul, a charming personality and benevolent heart! Your doors were always open to those who wanted to come in boy did many come in! Your life best described what it means to be servant of the servants of God, because putting others first before you was top priority for you.

You had gone for confessions during Holy Week, taken ill on Holy Saturday and left us on Tuesday after Easter. I remember that that like it was yesterday, just as I remember the nights we shared watching NTA news and analysing politics and socio-economic trends. I miss your fine writing, your polished grammar and indeed the richness of your cultural knowledge.

When I have my first son, he shall bear the name Linus, for in him I shall be reminded of the greatness of a man who once walked this earth. A man who was always contented with his possessions a fine gentleman, an amazing teacher, disciplinarian, fine cook and, an ever attentive confidant and advisor.

When I get married and start having my own kids, I shall not fail in passing unto them, the many lessons from my father just as the opening quote says, a child whose father tells his stories to, is as wise as the tortoise. You were a wise man; my children will be wise too.

Today as always, I remember you, I live your legacies.

Zuo na ndokwa!


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  1. So touching...I had to hold back my tears...Thank God for the man u have become mezie.May God continue to be your father.It is well.May soul of your Daddy continue to rest in peace.Amen

  2. That is so pleasant to read about the things like that. Great post as for me.