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"The deeds you do may be the only sermon some persons will hear today." Francis of Assisi

Dear Young Job Seeker,

I have come to observe that the problem of many young people in our dear country is the lack of volunteering spirit. For those who do, they lack the discipline to document. They forget that accountability demands documentation.

You must prepare for what you pray for. I got my present job in September last year based on the rich experience I have volunteering with some organizations. Sometimes some people are too modest when it comes to documenting their non paid volunteer experience because they don't consider it as work.

Dear friends, once you can work with, or lead a team to achieve set goals over a period of time, then you have acquired work experience. Even if you have managed you mum’s petty trade during your holidays that, my friend  is internship biko!


From start to finish, there is planning, budgeting, team work, inventory management, facility management, supply chain management, customer service, supervision,  record keeping, reporting, bargaining, negotiating, communication, presentation, critical analytical skills, business development etc., and if you can do these when you are not paid, imagine what you can do if there is monetary incentive!

This is not the usual motivational bla bla bla that you are used to. This is from someone who gave more of his life to volunteering thereby learning, relearning and unlearning much of what I use at work today. It is same with many other young persons I know now.  

Sometimes, the skills you need for paid employment are found in volunteering. Be humble and learn even if you are not paid. It is never too late to learn, to relearn and to unlearn.

Why would you go to school and not belong to a club; serve in your church or mosque groups? Why won’t you participate in student activities that not only promote learning, but also enhances your personal development while equipping you with other skills that are needed in today’s workplace?  What did you do with your long vacation?

Whenever I tell people that I got my outspokenness, communication, presentation, bargaining and marketing skills from hawking for many years. They prepared me for other volunteer skills I acquired as I grew up. I learned the art of speaking with elocution by volunteering with my youth groups in church and since 2002, I have grown in wisdom and learning; my emotional intelligence level has improved significantly.

I hope this resonates within you. There are many volunteer and internships  within your reach. Use them to ladder up!


We all have our subtle battles and silent struggles but when we share a smile, we help others become a part of the army uniting to fight the battles. No doubt life has a way of changing people but we should never become strangers to people when we can help. 

A smile a day is enough but if you can give more then by all means do. Having the courage to smile even when you feel like not smiling is in itself brave and a sign of strength.

I relearned this today!

Ya gazie nu.

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  1. This is a very articulate write-up. The idea of documenting non-profit jobs carried out at one point or the other is worthy of note. It can also be captured while drafting job application CVs.
    Thank you Chimez for putting up this masterpiece.

  2. The deeds you do may be the only sermon some persons will hear from you today.