The Modern "Anumanu"


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Loving for the love of love is the only way to love. Any man who would marry a woman and not let her go to school to seek for more education to her improve, and meet her personal aspirations  is simply a modern  "anumanu". Chimezie Udechukwu

It's that simple!

We complain that children of today are not smart or Intelligent, how will they be, when their mothers can't teach them anything because their fathers allowed them to become full time housewives. "The reality of the building does not consist in the roof and walls, but in the space within to be lived in." Lao Tzu

Listen dear men, the wife that will cheat will cheat even if she's holed up in a room, just pray there is no male around. Same goes for the women. The husband that will cheat will surely do no matter how powerful your coverage as a Personal Monitoring Spirits, PMS is.

It is an unwise, insecure and low esteemed man that would stop his wife from acquiring education and I say this with strong annoyance to those doing this or thinking of doing this especially men from the South-eastern and northern Nigeria.

"Ever more people today have the means to live, but no meaning to live for." Viktor Frankyl I have heard things, both the mundane and the outright stupid things! I weep in my soul for the stupidity of some men. But I am optimistic that this silly trend will die soon.

in 2015, I lost a beautiful and brilliant friend because her husband who married her when she was 18 didn’t allow her go to school. Even after three children, he refused. She would later die just a few months to her 7th wedding anniversary. Each time I remember her, I weep!

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Dear brothers, learn to let your wives go to school! Empower them with education. Goethe once said, “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least." Education is important. It is only the man who is afraid of the successes of his wife that will deny her education.

Every development plan we were taught in development studies has the people as its focus. When the people are taken off the radar of the development agenda then there can be no meaningful improvement in the standard of living. Investing in a woman’s education has far reaching dividends.

Of the six elements upon which the Sustainable development goals SDGs stand, People and Dignity better emphasizes the intent of this piece. The need to promote the dignity of the human person goes beyond just ensuring that he lives comfortably, but to make adequate provisions for the guaranteeing and promotion of his fundamental human rights. This is where Love comes to play.

Remember, love not expressed isn't love and one of such expressions of love is the willingness to contribute the development and betterment of the other person. How can I be with someone who doesn’t make be grow; who doesn’t inspire me to want more, be more, dream more, do more and become more?

Yes there are many people suffering in silence. Many who have made great sacrifices for their spouses to thrive; they have remained in the background but then, it should be noted that the willingness of the heart in letting go of past hurt does not make it cold and unscrupuled rather it shows the warmth and life it contains - and only a matured and loving heart can do this.

This is specially dedicated to all the women who despite being denied, still make it a priority that their children must be educated . Your efforts will never be in vain!

If you don't horn your skills they die; if you don't develop your talents then it's just there, when you fail to do these you lose the essence of living and you can't make profit. Develop your talents, create value, serve your purpose and make profit! God's blessings maketh rich and addeth no sorrow!

Your woman is in need of your development if you must enjoy the journey or companionship with her.

This is specially dedicated to all the women who despite being denied, still make it a priority that their children must be educated . Your efforts will never be in vain!


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