Dim Oma, Neekwa Echeeki


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"Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken." Albert Camus

*Dim oma*,

The primary role of a man in marriage is to respect his wife while that of a woman is to submit to her husband. The man is expected to profess his love, provide for his beloved and then protect his wife from external aggression and even internal disorder.

One of best form of protection is the encouragement of the woman to continue to lend herself to improvement via the acquisition of skills and learning be it formal and informal. If you want the your wife to truly love, submit to, and respect, then you must guarantee her rights to freedom of education even in marriage.

Therefore it breaks my heart to see young women's lives wasted simply because they were married at an early age. I have lost a dear friend who was a relative to the cold hands of death without achieving her lifelong goal of studying Microbiology simply because she got married at 18, and even after 4 kids, the husband didn't send her to school.

Nwanne, the woman is not a commodity to be treated anyhow. If you want your kids to grow up smart, then an uneducated woman can't provide the needed support and home balance needed to properly bring up the child.

Enyim, if marriage is for companionship, then it is your duty to help the woman you married aspire to become more, encouraging her to achieve greatness. You promised to love and honor her, what better way to honor a woman than to help achieve her educational goals?

It is only a man that is unwise, low esteemed, insecure; one who does not love himself that deprives his wife from pursuing educational excellence. In this present economic realities, would that not be harbouring liabilities to marry a woman who isn't educated?

When scripture says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from Lord, it speaks of blessing that carries with it a command; to cultivate your wife to become a woman after God's heart, the one who provides counsel and one who is truly loved for the love of love.

Nwokem, you can't maltreat your wife and expect to receive the blessings of marriage. If you truly want to receive God's blessings in your marriage, support your companion in achieving her dreams, her well-being will move her to constantly pray for you rather than petition you to God.

To the women who's dreams of academic excellence are being stifled by their unappreciative husbands, hang in there, remain relevant to him and your children, keep submitting to him, it doesn't make you less human; soon, your steadfastness and perseverance will win you your prize.

Oh woman, thou are, and shall be great!

Ka Chukwu gozie ezinuno gi! May God bless your family.

Again this is in praise of all women, our mothers as we look towards Mothering Sunday.


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