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"Surulere", "Ndidiamaka". Patience Pays! Well that is the title of a 2016 Nollywood movie I would love to see, having been intrigued by its trailer. Surulere is also the name of a popilar city in lagos Nigeria known for its commercial nature and also home to some very talented artistes in both Nollywood and the Nigerian Music industry.

One of the things lacking in the relationship between Youths and adults is patience. Yes patience. Adults are not patient with the youthfulness of the young; the young are not patient with wisdom of the elders manifested in long talks and slow processes.
But patience is a virtue, a central key to solving the many conflicts in our world today. Lack of patience breeds suspicion, hatred, envy, jealousy, anger, pride and resentment.

The youth is known for their beauty, exuberance, vigor, energy, innovation, impatience and rush among others. Adults are known inter alia for their wisdom, time taking, elaborate plans, and thorough checks. Patience is bridge that connects the wisdom of the old and energy of the youth to achieve a common goal.

When the elders are not patient with the young and hurriedly conclude on everything they do, when the youth believe that the elders are always slow, then the right recipe for conflict is brewed. Thus one way to avoid this seeming looming fractious collision is ensure that young people have the right guidance, mentorship and motivation needed to achieve sanity, control and success.

Image result for 2016 International Youth DayToday is the International Youth Day celebration. This year, the 17th in the series, the theme is The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production. This theme is indeed bold and broad. The SDGs with its 17 goals and 169 targets have been said to be one of the most ambitious document ever agreed upon nations. Now imagine when 193 countries in the United Nations say yes!

If we must achieve quality education, eradicate poverty, combat inequalities, ensure sustained economies; promote peaceful, just and inclusive cities and societies, and then we need to understand the role of patience. Our young people must learn not to put the cart before the horse. They must learn that there is something called the gestation period – the period of growth and development.

Our adults on the other hand must learn to not teach then youths the wrong lessons. It takes sweat and hard work, and also working smart to achieve success. Showing wealth, living very lavish and scandalous lives are not the lessons the average youth needs to learn now. The Youths need to be properly guided and mentored and taught the values of patience and its rewards.

The Yorubas say Surulere, Bintilaye “life is lived with ease; step by step”. The Igbos say Ndidiamaka “Patience is beautiful”. This is the lesson we must teach the youth today. When we hurry, we create problems for the future because of the process and steps we skipped. Nature is orderly; you may be fast, but you may not be in order.

Take a #YouthDay pledge today to imbibe patience and also share the pledge with others.

There is dignity in being patient!

To achieve the SDGs, Patience is key!

Be patient for the Glory Days are nigh!


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