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Life is a journey and only those who understand this come out successful for they know they must continue on this journey until its time to stop at their destination. Someone once said that that there are three things one must do before exiting mother earth – plant a tree; father a son; write a book.

In this piece, poet, motivational writer and events management consultant Chris Okpalaojioma shares with us the three phases we must pass through on journey in life.

 Please enjoy and feel free to join the conversation.


Godfrey Okpaje, in the introduction of his book – 30 THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU ARE 40, said and I quote “Life is in phases and men are in sizes. What we do with each phase of our life is what determines our size in the succeeding phase of life. These phases of life of men are referred to as ‘seasons of life’. According to him, the average human will live life in three phases, the first 25 years is for himself; the second 25 years for him and his family and the third 25 years for passing a legacy.

This statement above has been the bedrock, on which I have laid the blocks of the foundation of my life. Permit me to say that, whoever made the statement “life begins at 40”, is the worst mediocre to walk the face of the earth. To me life begins the day you were born. Mark Twain captioned it better when he said “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”. Whoever said life begins at 40 and those that actually believe that saying should sit down and wonder why they were not born at 40.

Every stage of life has its peculiar attributes, expected actions and reactions, benefits etc. Furthermore, the success or failure of every succeeding stage depends on our actions and inactions in the preceding stage of our life.

Let’s take a moment to breakdown these seasons of life.

1.      The Learning Phase
The first stage (0 to 25years) is the stage of acquiring knowledge, both formal (education) and informal (skill acquisition or learning a trade). To Godfrey, this stage is also a stage of personal development, choice of career, development of character and capacity, discovery of purpose, and preparation for its actualization. Whatever you wish to be in the future should be decided at the stage, as this phase is the gateway to living a fulfilled life. I call it the phase of LEARNING.

2.      The Earning Phase
Phase two, which I have tagged ‘THE EARNING STAGE’, is the stage of value, where everything you have learned and acquired, are put to work. The phase of stepping out to show the world why you were born, and solve the problems you were created to solve. It is possible that you discover your purpose after age 30, but why subscribe to that when you can do that in its stage and focus on the attributes of stage two.

3.      The Yearning Phase
The third stage is the stage of enjoying the fruits of your labour, as well as the time to pass on the legacy that you have built over the years. This is the phase where most people are expected to retire from active labour, step aside and recount your exploits in life. I call this phase, the YEARNING PHASE. This is usually from ages 51 above. Before this phase, it is expected that you must have show the world why you were created, made enough investments, that the ROI is enough to take care of your needs, should your be the case of ‘there is nobody to provide for your needs’.

Needless to state here that it is the knowledge you acquired in the first phase, that will make your earning phase a soft nut to crack. Furthermore, discovering your purpose, solving the problems that you were created to solve, and achieving your dreams in the second phase is very important. It will make your latter years very enjoyable and less stressful. Failure to do the actions associated with the second phase will result to the extension of your working years. Doing the right things at the right times really pays.


Chris Okpalaojioma is a Sociologist by training but a poet, writer and events management consultant at Krystalz Fiesta, an events management outfit that creatively provides solutions to its clients.

Contact Chris via;

Facebook:  Okpalaojioma Christian Ikenna
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