The efficacy of Personal Advertising; Lessons from Elisha and Naaman


Reputation is gold, guard with all diligence. Naaman was well decorated, rich and powerful military General in the Syrian army, but he was a leper while Elisha was a Prophet of God. Both men had very strong reputation. When they had an encounter with each other, it was a clash of reputation but Elisha taught us an important lesson. Call them two elephants and you would understand…

Never Forget:  "in the buildup of your personal brand, your words must be your bond".

When your words lose their potency, with regards to dishonoring agreements and promises, then your integrity as a trusted person is in question. When you keep your words, let people know that you do. Well some would quickly add that; It has always been said that you shouldn't blow your own trumpet that it is only people who are proud that do so.

Perhaps true…

But then, have you heard of the potency of personal advertising? Be it conventional, Word of Mouth or New Media, darling you need to be heard and seen! The reason is simple. If you wait for people to blow your trumpet for you, you may have to wait a while.

Elisha and Personal Advertising

Image result for Images for NaamanNaaman heard of Elisha because of his wife’s maidservant and when he sought permission from his Master, the King of Syria who gave him leave. The King of Israel however was scared and tore his garments when he received a letter from the Syrian King asking for Naaman to be treated.

Elisha had heard of the King’s dilemma and then sent word to him that Naaman be directed to him. Naaman arrived with all his military escorts but was told to go dip himself into the Jordan River seven times to receive his health. This is personal advertizing and not pride.

All Naaman needed do was take a plunge into the Jordan River but he wouldn't. His initial disobedience didn't change the potency of Elisha's words. Even in the face of strong challenges stay true to your words and boost the value of your reputation. Naaman would eventually be prevailed upon by his servants to do as Elisha had directed; he did, and was healed.

Your competitors may be superior than you in terms of packaging, but never ever doubt the quality of your product or services. The market is big enough and your personal commitment to customer satisfaction would win you more loyal clients and a bigger share of the market size.

Now blowing your own trumpet involves: hard work and consistency, high quality service delivery, Customer Satisfaction. With these, your works speaks for you. No matter the advertising medium you choose, be sure your trumpet would be heard loud and clear.

It's no pride in blowing your trumpet especially when you do right. When Jesus said he was to destroy the Temple and rebuild it in three days, it wasn't pride; no it was a matter of conviction, the knowledge and belief of what he could do. But the Pharisee saw it differently.

So will people see you differently when you step out to do what you know best, don't stop, never be unfazed, stay focused and keep blowing hard on your trumpet.

If the Queen of Seba could travel far to seek Solomon’s wisdom and Naaman could come all the way from Syria to be cured by Elisha, then note that your clients can come from any part of the world to seek your products and services. Thanks to modern technology.

Keep Blowing!

Read 2 Kings Chapter 5. To learn more about Naaman


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