How to turn your dreams into reality


Image result for Images for turning dreams into realityI love to listen to Enya. Though she has the aura of mystique oozing from her with some form eerie cacophony of instruments that turns out into a most beautiful symphony [oh dear me, what am I saying], well; don’t mind me. Bottomline is that I love her music and it energies me. Her famous soundtracks for the movie Brave Heart and Gladiator among many others is quite soulful and deep.

In the song Dreams, she sang "Dreams are more precious than Gold", and that got me thinking really deep!

Dreams are what make us humans. The fact that it allows us hope for the best put our faith to test and help us love more when it comes to pass. Oh! Dreams are truly beautiful! Dreams never die! [Now I am going down memory lane, the reminiscence; remember the world famous group Westlife and the track Dreams Come True? This is simply nostalgic for me. 

The truth is that we have control of our dreams, how live them out, how willing we are to put our foot down and turn dreams to reality. You are allowed to dream and to be able to transform that abstract into tangible things that you can see and feel.

MaryJane Okobi says;

"You may bother yourself about a lot of things. Some worthy of the attention you give it; others, not deserving. You are bothered more about things you have no control over than those you have a bearing on. Every little thing is a source of worry to you".

"I used to complain a great deal when the exchange rate started falling. I would be in a bad mood and refuse to change any cash I had on me (since banks were refusing my automatic teller machine card). Gradually, I would take out the anger on the commercial cyclists and traders, but I soon realized it didn't make any sense.

"The rates didn't come up and I was succeeding at being a good source of worry to myself and others. So, I resolved to change my money when I wanted and go on with my work.

Dearie, until you are okay with some issues you have no control over and focus on those things you have a stake in, you would be living life bothered about what is irrelevant while leaving the relevant at its mercy.

Image result for Images for turning dreams into realityToday, identify what bother(s) you, pick those under your jurisdiction and work on them. Choose your battles, dearie. Focus on what you can affect. Be at peace with what you cannot. Work on what you can actually do".

Gold can rust, lost to corrosion. Money can run out, but our dreams are evergreen, freshly imprinted in our minds. What greater joy if we can even help people dream more, do more, aspire more, learn more!

That is leadership!

Therefore, block out the things that you can not control and stick to what you have power over. Your dreams and the willingness to do; to transform into reality, is within your control.
Exercise your power today!


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  1. Great article Ojisi. We all have dreams. I hope to fulfil mine before the day comes when I have to leave. So help me God.