Why you must stop thinking outside the box


I would like to share this piece by my very good friend Charles Umeh. This is a piece that challenges your traditional perception with regards to life. I trust you would find it refreshing as well as provoking enough for you to change your rhythm.



A story goes thus,

A tourist who in his quest to find answers to some of life’s puzzles decided to do a Marcopolo: travel around the world to a new city.

On arriving at at the airport,he boarded a cab to his destination. After much silence between him and the driver,he decided to break the ice.

"You mind if I ask how your year finally went down, we’ve got some days to round off the year so I guess your year must be good", he asked.

The driver smiled, "not as planned sir. Goals weren’t achieved. I wish I did more. Had big plans to launch my cab business around town but they all didn't turn out well; however I’m glad I still drive this cab, I’ve always loved driving from childhood…"

A certain glow lit in his face as he shared his childhood dreams on driving a cab and just as his discussions were beginning to make so much sense, they arrived the tourists destination.

Pleasantries were hurriedly exchanged and the tourist was quite impressed with his new acquaintance so he he tipped him.

“you said your year was not good, is this normally how the day turns out with most of your clients or was this just me"?

The Cab man smiled, "both sir! I love my job and today I met one who appreciated it more."

Years down the line the cab driver turned out owning one of the biggest cab companies in the city courtesy the tourist who linked him up with a friend who wanted to invest abroad.

The irony of the story is that the tourist still travels around the world looking for fulfillment in life.

Let's look at you and your year in view, between yourself and the goals, how would you finally rate you presently?

Below par!!


Because XYZ on your checklist wasn’t ticked? Did you consider yourself better than the two characters above by spotting their flaws...

The tourist who keeps looking for satisfaction outside the box except for inside without ever considering he was making impact and living a life? Or, the cab driver who feels he had a bad year when his present goal wasn’t met yet?

Whichever side of the divide you are, life is a journey and the destination is the journey...

As you cross examine yourself in the soap box of your heart, one minute of looking inside the box wouldn’t be completely out of place.  It is my opinion that we stop basing our standards outside the box because of everything you need is inside…

Happy holidays!


Charles Umeh


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