The Two Persons every team must have


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Life has many theories. These theories are set of assumptions and statements that present us with what should be. In academics it is "what ought to be". Now in the midst of this sea of theories, there lies pragmatism. The ability to do! Perhaps the track "Reggae Blues” by Harrysong et al comes to mind - Talk and Do.

There is a difference between "Okwulora" The mouth piece of the people and "Ekwueme", the one who acts. Many times we find ourselves becoming Okwulora, mesmerizing the people with high sounding words, but lacking the willpower to walk the talk. Sometimes too, just like Ekwueme, we bulldoze our way through, without talking much. After all, action speaks louder than voice.

Idealist –Okwulora

Such persons believe in grand debates and lofty dreams about what ought to be laced with magniloquence. In every team there are those who wishes to go by the grand norm, placing ideals before practical. They can talk their way through anything. They are quixotic in their submissions and makes extra effort to command attention. While these set of people can waste precious times, they are not entirely useless for in them are people whose strength in talking can be properly used in the hands of a good manager.

These people can serve as Communications, Public Relations or Corporate Affairs, Strategic planning; they are excellent participants in brainstorming sessions.
Realists  - Ekwueme
This people are pragmatists who believe in reality as against utopianism. They work with facts and tend to abhor abstracts and impractical things. For them, it is all about more action and less talk. Talk for them is visionary while action is a practical way to deal with situations. They are often calm and calculative, taking into consideration every angle to effectively achieving their goals.

The Connection

But the truth dear friends is that there is a nexus, a synergy and a connect between talk and action, theory and practice, idealism and realism,  Okwulora and Ekwueme. Try as much as possible to balance the team with those who can state "What ought to be” and those who believe in "What is".

Therefore I find the words of Chaste Imegbedion quite apt in this regard.

"Life strives on collaborative effort and synergy. We will be nowhere near civilization or development if not for the collaborative effort of individuals, corporations and institutions.

The power and effect of positive collaboration should never be underestimated. People might seem beneath you but if they have what you need to succeed, then approach them and seek collaboration.
Collaboration doesn’t mean you dump all your work on someone else, it simply means you utilize the other person’s strength to cover your lack and weakness. Collaboration can happen anywhere and at any time. It can be perfected in any place and on any platform.

Collaboration is not a respecter of status, time, religion, financial standing, facial beauty or not, strengths or weakness. Collaboration doesn’t find faults rather it seeks to cover one’s weakness, it doesn’t compete rather it encourages brotherhood in the pursuits of our individual goals. Collaboration doesn’t puff-up or seek its own glorification rather it seeks the collective good for all while it reduces the need for self to the need for what can we all do together.

Make a conscious effort today to collaborate and see the mighty things you will be able to achieve in your LIFETIME!"

Between Idealism and Realism lies the opportunity to plan, strategize and execute.


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