5 steps to finding your Niche and excelling at what you do


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"Kìrà kìtà ò dọlà, ká ṣiṣẹ́ bí ẹrú ò da nǹkan "-- Hurried quest does not translate to wealth and working like a slave often achieves nothing.

Life is not a race of who gets somewhere first. We all have our Start and Finish Lines different from each other. 

Our race tracks differ hence we must adopt the fitting skills for each race. Sprints and long distance races require different preparation. Usain Bolt cannot thrive in 5km races just as the Kilpatrick brothers would not be world Champions if the tried the 100m Dash. It is all about finding your niche and becoming great at at.

Creating an Identity for you is crucial to your personal survival in life. In every race, each athlete has a unique number even if they all wear Jerseys made by the same designer. There is profit in being unique.

If you stay true to your course, apply the right skills and techniques which of course include patience, tolerance and passion then success will be yours.

1.      Understand the Vision
"Ọjọ́ kì í pẹ́ kó máà dé, à fi àìmọ̀ọ́kà.”-- A set date can't be so far off and not come to pass, except there's an error in its counting.

In Habakkuk 2:2-4, God shows the essence and connection between a vision and the faith that propels the actualization of such vision.

Image result for images for VisionA vision is the picture of the future you want to feature in. When you envision that vista or horizon, you write it down; you plan towards it, running towards it by breaking the vision into smaller daily goals.

Keep the vision alive! The gestation, manifestation, or due date may seem far, but once it's been set, you can only but understand first the vision, then wait for its attainment.

2.      Build a strong Character
It is often that 'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'. The statement is true but I dare add that beauty stems from the heart, expressed in the form of Character. You don't need people to tell you how beautiful you are, you already know from the Character you exhibit if you are truly beautiful.

Image result for images for characterCharacter shapes external being and defines our personality. The real you displayed when people are not around shows how beautiful you. Beauty isn't in the fine application of makeup, not the sexiest of curves or lingerie that you wear. Nah! True beauty is intrinsically cultivated and extrinsically displayed.

God is beautiful and since we are all created in His image, we too are beautiful. Build your Character, show your inner Beauty. When your character is impeccable, then you attract the right people to push you to success.
3.      The power of the Charismata
Charisma is a fine asset for anyone willing to turn out a fine leader. It isn't displayed by everyone because the ability to influence people without the use of logic is a true gift of the Holy Spirit.

Image result for images for charismaBeing Charismatic helps one in showing people the right way, without any Intent of deception; thus leading people to a shared vision.You need a fine dose of it to succeed in your venture.

Every leader must pray for this gift if they truly mean well for their followers. Sometimes, we may have good intentions but send the wrong signals. Pray to the Holy Spirit for the manifold outpouring of the Charismata if you seek Excellence in leadership.

4.      Run Your Race
MaryJane Okobi writes "How often we did or still do things just because others are doing while neglecting the fact that what they are doing at a time may be in line for them at that point. We do things at times forgetting that trying to walk in line with someone else's pace is suicidal because you are not running with the same vision".

Image result for images for Race"Run your race and do it at your pace. In as much as I am all for being challenged to do more by the exploits of others, I think a better approach is to first of all find your lane and pace". "This way, you would ensure you are not chasing after the wrong things and channel that time into making your goals work in your lane".

"Find your pace and you would realize that keeping up with your goals will not be too hard. Quit being bothered about how well A is doing it and do yours at your own pace".

5.      Be a person of Integrity
"Ure ka uba mma" (integrity is greater than Wealth). Igbo Proverb This is truism especially in today's Society. What is Wealth when there is no honesty or sincerity in the acquisition process? These days, we find people who place high premium on mindless wealth grabbing. Have you noticed that even in the "umunna" kindred, meetings, respect is given, to men with integrity even in the midst of those with enormous wealth?

Integrity is synonymous with probity, sincerity, honesty, purity, wholeness, rectitude, depends, uprightness - the steadfast adherence to a strict set of moral or ethical Codes.

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Always remember: riches could bring you joy and power and they are fair to see, but gold is a sorry god to serve instead of God.

A good name is better than gold or silver. Integrity pays!

Just so you know

The day you start to compare yourself to other people you begin to lose the qualities that makes you unique and Special. There is a reason why God didn't create two people the same. Stay true to you for there is a purpose for your uniqueness.

Image result for images for UniquenIn whatever you find yourself doing, put in your best, people like to get involved with those who are responsible, who continually lend themselves to self-development.

Find your Unique Selling Point(s), develop them and stay focused. Believe me, the glory days are ahead!

Caveat: If you don't learn consistently, you become obsolete. Learn something, anything. The foundation doesn't matter; it's what you do with it that matters.


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  1. Another factor is knowing your strength and try not be involved in too many activities

  2. Another factor is knowing your strength and try not be involved in too many activities