Why You must not catch a grenade for your wife if you truly love her


Honesty is a beauty glow that keeps the heart beautiful. When the heart is pure, the intent is noble. The center piece of every action is the heart, for out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Hence, it is imperative that we guard the heart with all jealousy.

Image result for Images for Man Catching a grenadeFor relationships and marriages to work, it must first be established on the premise of sincerity. You can't be entangled with one whom you don't know; neither can you last long with one whom you lie to. How have you changed your corner, managed responsibilities and transformed lives?  We all expect so much from government yet are willing to give little.

Change is an inside out concept; from the inner to the outer self. Once we can effectively change our social perceptions, abandon bias, let go of prejudices and eliminate stereotypes, then have we began a most sincere journey towards a thorough  change agenda.

Change they say is constant. It is perhaps the most used word in Nigeria this year. We constantly seek to better ourselves, to change our levels, to move up! Change is good, but then change starts from within before being exuded without. You can't give what you don't have; neither can you expect what you don't inspect.

Every day, I take my three year old nephew to school. This has become a morning ritual that we both have come to like because it allows us bond. The 7-10 minutes’ walk is quite interesting; it allows him to learn and me to relearn and relive my childhood days, it helps me change my hitherto held views about being a caregiver. The experience confers on me a sort of "Father Status" which is quite emotional for me.

Life is all about one day at a time no matter the grand plans and goals we have set for ourselves, we must approach it one after the other. That is the lesson Andre teaches me every time we make that work. He truly makes me look forward to birthing my own child and watching him grow to achieve his dreams too.

My Dear Future Wife

Dear Future Wife, I am at the moment embracing new knowledge, trying to rise above illusions of stereotypes, learning how to help out in the kitchen, changing diapers and also doing the dishes.

Dear future wife, towards you, my intentions are noble. To share a life filled with joy, bliss and learning with you. To be an honest companion, willing partner, effective motivator, unrepentant supporter of your dreams, helping you achieve your goals just as you inspire me to attain my aspirations.

Dear Future Wife, I am learning how to be a father. My goal is not to die for you or even catch a grenade for you or our children. Rather, I pledge never to put you in a position where the grenade would be thrown. By living for you and our kids, I can protect you from all harm.

I know you will read this!
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