Uwa bu ofu mbia! Igbo Proverb
Right from when I was 16, when I ventured into volunteering , I have had many experiences in the course of doing good and making the world a better place. the many adventures have all culminated into helping understand the world that we live in. After all, like the opening proverb says, "We live only once in this life".

Veering off....

I have seen several movies, documentaries and clips of people going against all odds to ensure that they carry out humanitarian works. these heroic acts continue to spur me to volunteer my services at every given opportunity. One of such movies is "My Name is Khan". The movie tells the story of Khan who lives with Autism and how he struggled to regain his identity and at same time get the world's attention by mobilizing an entire nation to rebuild after a most devastating environmental tragedy. this was the same man that the system frustrated in his bid to achieve his goal which was to meet the American President. 

he did achieve his dream and at the same time time, established a new national consciousness by building a new order of Volunteers in the wake of a humanitarian crises.

Back to the matter...

Image result for Images for volunteersYou see, in facing difficult terrain and challenges, volunteers encounter the many storms that should ordinarily deter and discourage them from the target ahead, but they remain undaunted, unfazed and unshaken in their belief that service must be rendered and the last beneficiary is reached. There are countless stories of aid workers and volunteers who refused to give up until they reach the last person, no matter the rough terrain or unfriendly climatic conditions.

Let me share a personal experience

Indeed Rotary International continues to lead the pack in terms of a large network of volunteers and thus, it was with great zeal and excitement that I join the team of Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Amuwo, the parent and sponsor club for my Rotaract club, the Rotaract Club of Amuwo Main [both in District 9110, Nigeria] on July 2, 2015 for another round of "doing good" to the community.

That day started out quite well, cool then sunny; we journeyed in three cars to the Ijegun Jetty in Satellite Town, where we boarded 2 boats; our destination, Community Secondary Irewe - one of the many riverine communities in Ojo local Government Area of Lagos State, South West Nigeria

Armed with over 200 Dictionaries for the students, we went through the 30 minutes boat ride, arrived at the community only to be notified of the calamity that had befallen them the previous day. There  had been a boat accident and six of their students had been killed including three siblings from the same family and their Head Girl. It was a tragic incident as reports had it that the kids were in a canoe boat trying to cross to the other side while a speed boat carrying oil bunkers ran into them. of course the greater calamity was on the part of the kids.

The atmosphere was quiet, moody and you could truly share in the grief pervading the school premises.

Our spirits dampened, yet we were not crushed. We extended our condolences, charged their spirits and then made the presentations to the students in presence of some officials from the Lagos State Ministry of Education who had come to get first hand information with respect to the accident. Yes, the Volunteer's work must be done.

We headed back to our boats, boarded and 5 minutes into the boat ride somewhere far from the nearest paltform, the heavens opened and the rains came pouring down, beating hard on us. At first we were calm, believing with strong convictions that the rains would cease; but the more we prayed, the more it poured down on us and we had to shield ourselves with a tapolin cover so the boat wouldn't be filled with water. And so, for nearly 30 minutes we rode against the stormy sea, praying for quick arrival on land.

We finally arrived at the jetty and all who were scared became happy and they laughter erupted and immediately everyone was talking about the next School we were to visit in Festac - that is the spirit of volunteering!

I must confess, I was scared stiff! but when I look back at that experience from that day, it only made me more resolute to avail myself to truly be a gift to my world by joining Rotary to serve humanity even more! This is the essence of volunteering. 

Yes there would be storms along the way, but also know that you will always smile through the storm!

 Cheers to all the volunteers contributing their Time, Talent, Treasure, Thinking and Travels to make the world a better place.

Service to our neigbhours is the rent we pay for living .


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