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I am dreaming of a White Christmas. Just like the ones I used to know. Where the tree tops glisten and children listen to Heels sleighing in the snow. I am dreaming of a White Christmas with every Christmas card I wrote. May your days be merry and Bright and may all your Christmases be White! Jim Reeves

I love that song because it makes us wish for the best of the season even in the face of daunting economic challenges. What is your Christmas Dream? How are you working to achieve that dream? When you reach out to people, share your possessions, love genuinely and kill every form of greed then we can all achieve a truly White Christmas as we used to know.

I am sure many would be amazed at the choice of both the topic and the content of tbis piece. Don’t worry I am not bereft of ideas to write, neither am I lazy but rather this borne out deep thoughts and reflections. Let me tell you why.

Image result for images for Summer timeThis idea of Christmas in summertime first came to me in 2010. I was fresh out of the university [just about a week old as a Political Science graduate] and needed this perfect graduation vacation so I applied to attend World Summer Camp organized by the International Youth Foundation, IYF. I had registered with Etudiants Sans Frontieres, Students without Borders. It was my first time outside the country as the event was held at the very beautiful and majestic Palais De Congress, Cotonou Benin Republic.

One of the high points of the one week camp was a musical titled “Christmas in Summer” a very impressive Choral group based in New York but with Korean origin. Oh the whole show was magical! The lights, props, vocals and above all, the message – giving; was absolutely thrilling!

Image result for images for Christmas and Summer timeNow since my childhood days I have heard the song Song White Christmas and growing up,I dream of a Christmas of love, of peace, of sharing, of mutual respect, of family unity. A Christmas of plenty; where there are no long queues in our fuel stations [common sight in Nigeria during festive periods] , where food prices are affordable to all…

But how is it related to summer? What is the nexus?

Doing Right
You exist on earth so people can benefit from you, just as you learn from them. Doing right implies by living according to the rule  Do unto others, what you want done to you.

You may be like the proverbial cat with nine lives, but you have got one life to live!  What counts is how you live it. We have been called to live quintessential lives, live full and die empty; you don't want people talking about you for the wrong reasons especially after you are gone from this life.

Christmas affords us the opportunity let people benefit from us, more so does Summer. There is joy in sharing the fun, contentment in helping others achieve their dreams and satisfaction in the smiles of gifts brings to the faces of beneficiaries. You can Guide the trend of how people would talk about you when you are gone, especially while you are alive; do right!

Giving Right
"Chukwu gbalu gi Christmas, gbalu obodo gi " [if God blesses you, then bless others]. The words of Chief Morocco Maduka, popular Nigerian highlife singer. The statement above simply means "if God had blessed you for Christmas, then bless your community". This is quite instructive when we look at it in line with the principle of giving. One of the fallouts of summer is sharing albeit in a wasteful form.

You see most people share because of what they want to receive in return. The giving that comes during summer is such that it leads to vices rather than promote virtues. The Booze, Orgies, Wild Parties, Women and all other forms of profligacy.

According to the riches in Christ Glory have you been blessed, why hold back in blessing others with your gifts, talents, treasure, time and thinking? Give, even when it hurts! But please don't give because you want to please people or even steal because you want to give. "o me ngbo ji ka onye oshi mma". (he who gives when he has is better than a thief).

Loving Right
In the movie "Annie", we see that girl who wouldn't give up the search for her parents despite being in the ‘system’. Even in the midst of hopelessness, she kept loving and doing right. You wouldn’t even know she couldn’t read, yet she was smart. She gave hope to the other kids and kept their faith alive. She was highly spirited.

Many lessons to learn from the movie but one striking "key derivable" [if I may borrow from a friend] is her sweet generosity even to those who are in the same condition as her. Annie was loved by all not just because she was smart, witty and charming; no. Her kindness marked her out hence the happy ending through her adoption by Mr. Stacks.

You could say she shared Christmas even during summer, and she wasn’t wasteful about it. Even in your worse conditions, there is something you can give. It need not be material; the gift of hope, of faith, of Charity is sublime!

The Real Spirit of Christmas

 K.R.Ravindran, President Rotary International 2015 - 2016 once wrote in the December 2016 edition of the Rotarian Magazine..

"When the Canadian army liberated the Netherlands in 1945, they found the country on the brink of starvation. Seeing the suffering of so many, and especially moved by the faces of the children, four Canadian privates stationed near Apeldoorn that year decided to make that Christmas special for as many Dutch children as they could.

Together, they made the rounds among their fellow soldiers, collecting chocolate bars and chewing gum, candy and comic books. In their spare moments, they built toy trucks out of wood and wire, sawed scrap lumber for building blocks; one, risking the military police, sold his cigarette ration on the black market, using the money to buy rag dolls. Each thought longingly of his own family at home; each channeled his energies instead toward the children whose Christmas they knew they could brighten.

By 1 December, four sacks of gifts lay ready; the soldiers eagerly looked forward to the 25th. But two days later, they learned the date they were to depart for Canada: 6 December, long before Christmas. With mixed emotions, the soldiers decided that the best plan simply would be to take their sacks over to the local orphanage and leave them there to await Christmas.

The night before they were to leave the Netherlands, the four set off for the orphanage, one of them in a makeshift white beard and red cap. On their way, they were surprised to hear church bells ringing and see houses lit brightly, with Christmas still some weeks away. As they approached the orphanage, boots crunching in the snow, they saw through the windows that the children, two dozen girls and boys, were gathered at their evening meal. Only a few months after the war's end, food was still scarce; the meal was small, and the children's faces pale and thin.
"Santa Claus" raised the knocker on the door and knocked three times, hard. As if by magic, the chatter of young voices inside fell silent; a priest opened the door. His polite expression gave way to one of shock, as the children behind him erupted into cheers, rushing forward and swarming the private who had dressed for Christmas three weeks early – but exactly on time. For in the Netherlands, Sinterklaas comes on St. Nicholas Eve: 5 December.

For an hour, joyful chaos reigned as packages were opened and exclaimed over, sweets were tasted, dolls caressed. The last wooden truck, the last bar of chocolate, went into the hands of a little boy who had been waiting patiently all the while. After thanking the men, he turned to the priest and said something to him in Dutch, his face alight with happiness. The priest smiled and nodded. "What did he say?" one of the soldiers asked.

The priest looked at them with eyes full of tears. "He said, 'We told you he would come.'"

By sending joy out into the world, we do not sacrifice it for ourselves – we only multiply it. As we enter this season of giving, let us multiply the gifts we have been given by sharing them with others. Through acts of caring, kindness, and generosity, in our clubs and through our Foundation, we become and remain a gift to the world".

Christmas teaches us to be caring and to improve in our loving, giving and sharing attitude. Though Summer espouses fun, excitement, relaxation, adventure and a whole lot of spending for the fortunate, well, it is an auspicious opportunity to lean aback, look at the world today and consider sharing our things with them. There are a lot of charities, Causes and Foundations you can give to. This is the real message of Christmas. It is not a one off thing, but a daily witnessing to love, kindness and brotherliness; a virtue rapidly phasing out in our world.

You may have planned for Summer, don’t worry, jut like the soldiers, you can begin now to plan for Christmas!

Share Christmas this Summer - Do right, Give Right, Love Right!

I sure hope I have not been profligate with my words today!


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