I have always admired her commitment to developing young people especially females by sharing practical steps to wealth creation. I had asked for a piece to share with you my wonderful followers and despite her very busy nature, she was able to pen down something.

In this piece, Joy shares some tips on how being consistent at what you do, can help you market not only your products, but your skills.

Have fun reading and be inspired. 


"Come and get your general body check up, it is free". Those are the words of a man who says this everyday while I pass the fire service road at Apapa, Costa in (Lagos, Nigeria). Funny enough, whenever I pass there, I join him in saying it. I say it unconsciously but somehow hearing his voice has registered all that lyrics in my head.

Why did I tell this short epistle? Some of us as women are struggling with getting clients. Some of us are also trying to convince the world about what we do. Some of us are wondering why people are not buying our products.

When you want to go all out promoting your brand offline and online, you have to decide to remain consistent. No one cares about what's going on in your home or with you. It is expected that you rise above
these challenges and show up,with what you have.

When launching a product, we expect people to rush our goods but that's not always the case. Some people are last minute buyers. They need to know that you are serious about it before they invest in you. Even the universe has a way of testing us by throwing challenges at us.

When I started blogging, I was daunted with the thoughts of not having a laptop, Internet was an issue and even getting content. I gave myself so many excuses not to be consistent. What did I get? Nothing. What did I loose? My audience.

Truth is, some people might not notice you and your product but it takes consistency for them to make enquiries or buy your product. Facebook ads does this well.  Sometimes, I see an ad over and over again and the next thing, I click on it because I just want to know what it is they talking about.

If you are not consistent, you will loose your audience and you will be seen as unstable. You will only push your potential client to your competitors. You will also loose money and you will be trapped in the den of worry. Making sales isn't magic, it takes a conscious effort to get results.

As a consistent marketer, you will be seen as serious and  you would have taken the bold step of registering your brand or product in the hearts of many. Even if people don't buy, they will make enquiries and that to me, my friend, is the first step to making a purchase.


So, what's that one thing that you want to be consistent at? Found it? Make a conscious effort to be on it every day. That's the only way you get to be consistent. Mine was social media at a time, Instagram to be precise.

I used every app I could to help me post better. I learnt more about it and today, guess who wakes up to obey the IG rules...You guessed right. Yours might not be social media. It might be trying to network ( You can check out this networking event  happening soon. It is open to Lagos residents and females only).

It might be waking up on time, reading a book, putting up a blog post, or even waking up on time. Whatever, it is, you have to decide in your heart and make a conscious effort to rise above it.

You can write it on a cardboard sheet and have it on your wall as a daily reminder. A to-do list worked for me. I always had posting on IG as the first on my list and it worked. So you cantry it. Oluchi Eneghalu
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