Meet the New Celebrities in town: Why you must let education change your reputation


Among the Yoruba people of south west Nigeria, a proverb has it that; "Ẹni tó bá ní kọ̀rẹ́ òun má jọba olúwarẹ̀ ò ní lọ̀rẹ́ ọba.”-- Whoever obstructs his friend from becoming a king won't have a king as a friend.

Image result for images for EducationLife is full of bricks and cushions and in most cases, it takes good friends to help navigate through the bricks and identify the cushions for rest. Most times we practice and express the parasitic Model of friendship where we take rather than give. Sometimes, some are even jealous of their friends ' successes.

Success is most relished when shared with loved ones, when loved ones are helped to achieve their aspirations. When you lend a hand to help your friends succeed, you also increase your net worth as a person.

Every time we teach people something, it provides another opportunity to learn, to relearn and to unlearn. My mum came from a family of teachers and I dare say I inherited that trait from her.

Teaching involves transferring knowledge, impartation and character molding. When we teach, we make humanity a better place. The essence of having knowledge is to share for personal and collective edification of man and the growth and development of the society.

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The Beauty of Wisdom is the number of its beneficiaries.

Yes, commonsense is the root of all knowledge hence, a conscious and consistent lending of oneself to the acquisition of knowledge can only be justified when such knowledge is deployed for the good of the public. This is why there are intellectuals who continue to research and contribute to global development.

Here, I find the words of Carl Jung potent. "As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being".  The Beauty of Light is such that it enables us to create visibility when there is darkness.

"Education changes your reputation".

 I find this statement quite true and apt. What you know will depend on where you would go.

Image result for images for EducationEducation is all encompassing and thus, with it comes new knowledge, confidence, prominence, and the ability to lead properly..With education comes a new light into a darkened soul, it shines bright and has a pulling effect to share; you cannot know and not share. People are known and sought for because of what they know and can offer. Education can change your background from poverty to prosperity, from GreatMess to GreatNess!

When you choose to know, learning to be more inquisitive than adversarial, then you are embarking on a journey of endless discovery. When we acquire Education, we become better persons who have a stake in providing solutions to global challenges and problems. We become celebrities; the whole only celebrates knowledge!

When you light up a candle rather than sit back and curse the darkness, we show enterprise, willingness to be better, and a CanDo Spirit towards achieving our goals and also leading others to do so. When we appreciate the Beauty of Light, it further propels our creativity, pushes our vigor and accentuates our integrity. This is what intellectuals do.

Light is beautiful only if you understand the essence of its luminescent allure. Appreciate light and see how amazingly transformed your life becomes. Light brings peace, development, and leads to focus! You can't progress in darkness!! That is why Alfred Nobel instituted the Nobel Prize, to celebrate intellectuals!

When you have a King for a friend, then you too can be counted as Royalty for there is reward for loyalty.  Share friendship; let this exchange be mutual and then help each other attain personal goals, which is the true essence of friendship and intellectualism.

Learn to share for knowledge hoarded is a crime against humanity.

Never let the dark hold you down, light a candle and show Forth the Beauty of Light!

Let Education change your Reputation!


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