Today was a good day, tiring but good. On the bus home, we heard some gunshots and even those who had dozed off, woke up with such agility as if they had just passed 100V of electric current through their bodies! The guy seated next to me says loudly, ‘Nna ehn biko, let them tell me if I should lie down flat now, because I no fit to argue at all, na dem get power’.

Even though this brings about some laughter in the bus, this sums up one word- FEAR. This guy and most (probably all) of us in the bus were crippled with the fear of these robbers who perhaps where at a further distance from where we actually were. This brought me to a stark revelation that “Fear has no boundary, fear knows no limit”. Once you allow the emotion in, it completely takes over. When fear grips you, for those few seconds, you're motionless, your heart almost in your mouth, not even able to think but just focus on that which makes you afraid.

Fear Not!

This is easy to say, hard to follow I know especially in a country like ours. Nevertheless, it is said that this phrase appears about more than 365 times in the Bible. Probably God’s daily capsule for us to remember that He’s got this. Whatever it is that gives us the chills, God is saying, “Fear Not”. That’s enough assurance to hold on to as you can surely take God’s word to the Bank. Let your practice of His words be your everyday deposit and your faith be your currency.

It surely pays!

Psalm 118:6- The Lord is with me, I will not be afraid, what can mere mortals do to me?


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