Just another regular  day. The countdown to the weekend has already begun. Well, considering I have only Sunday to myself this weekend then I rephrase, "Countdown to Sunday has already begun".

On the bus ride back home, I'm seated behind this really cute couple. I didn’t need to see their wedding bands to come to the conclusion that they are newly weds. I have been around a few friends turned newly weds this year so I know the sign from a mile off. You see, newly weds are not even tired of their bodies being in close contact. It's either the wife's head is on the husbands shoulder with her hands wrapped around his arm or the husbands arm is outstretched over the shoulders of his wife with his head bent low towards hers. Then there's that look they share that speaks volumes. That kind of gooey eyed look they give each other that says "I know your secret" especially when they think no one's looking.

Of course there's the constant flash of the wedding ring which the wife does. All of a sudden, there's always something to take off from the side to the back of her neck that needs her to extend her fingers. This process enables any and everyone see perfectly her wedding rings.
These are some of the signs I know anyway.

So this couple have their hands wrapped around each other and the wife has her head on her husband's shoulder while they are watching something, a movie probably on an iPad with the earpiece shared between them. They are also laughing softly and sometimes the wife looks up to her husband with a smile on her face.

One time, she dusts his cheek removing to me what is an imaginary object, but yet another avenue to touch him. Just then, the husband calls out to one of the hawkers and buys 2 packets of gala. I expected that he would just give her one and keep the other for himself. Instead, he opens only one, cuts a small part and offers to his wife. After sometime he cuts another part and offers to her. He does this continuously until the first gala is finished and does the same to the other one. Sadly I must have missed the class the day "romantic cells" were being distributed because for me, bros biko, you'll give me my gala and you can eat your own. It doesn't mean I don’t connect with you o but come on it's just a gala! Nevertheless, I really do like what I see…I mean who wouldn't?

Love is a wonderful feeling! It is indeed one of the most powerful emotions ever known to man. To me, there's just something about it that is divine. The fact that you get this person who fills your thoughts and mind. The fact that your heart does a flip when this person comes close to you or the truth that you never want conversations with this person to end. In short, you get this person you call "your own". I feel this is how much God loves us. 

He wants us to always be conscious of His presence, to never stop talking to Him or about Him, He wants us to always be thinking about Him. God desires that we always be connected to Him almost like we can feel Him and touch Him. God's love for us surely beats any kind hands down. It sets a standard, one that has to do with the life of His beloved Son for our own salvation which makes us branded as "God's own".

I sometimes wonder that if we who are full of sin can love and be loved, imagine how immense the love of the one who is without sin!

1 Corinthians 2:9- No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.


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