On this night of record breaking by Real Madrid here is Nkem again.


I'm encouraged. Really.

The feedback to the MMM Day 2 message was inspiring, thank you all! I promised God that I'd do this to honor our Mother in this month of May. Each day, I would share my experience or those of friends and reach out to inspire someone, even if its just one person! Three days down, twenty eight to go…

I've known Lekan (name changed) for about two months now. We met on the queue at our usual Festac BRT bus stop. He sure fits the tall, dark and handsome description and what some call the 'yoruba demons' (meaning those unnecessarily fine looking Yoruba brothers) but I deviate here.

We talk casually once in a while when our paths cross or we get to seat together in the bus. Today he tells me his birthday was two days back and I genuinely wish him well. For some reason, I start to talk about him being grateful to God for his life, good health and other stuff. I'm stopped midway when he smiles and says, "Nkem, I'm a living testimony of what God can do". Of course the "amebo mama" in me springs to action and I subtly encourage him to tell me more.

Summary, Lekan used to be (in his own words) " a nonentity". A good for nothing, written off by family, friends, he had even written himself off. His life in the university was a mixture of hard drugs, booze, bad company. He said to me, "Think of anything evil and wrong and totally disgusting, I've done it". Of course his 8 carry-overs and CGPA of 1.1 was not a bother to him.

For an electrical engineering course of 5 years, he spent 9 years in the university. At some point he contemplated suicide as the solution to end the misery he called his life.

Today, Lekan is working in one of the topmost oil companies in Nigeria in charge of oil field inspection. The days he's not boarding the bus, he's probably in some helicopter hovering over oil fields in Akwa Ibom, Delta, Bayelsa and Rivers State when he's onshore. He's seems happy and it shows.

You see, God can use the most mundane to do the most incredible! This brings me to realizing more that it doesn’t matter at all where you’ve been or where you're at, if you HONESTLY reach out to Him for help, He'll lift you up. He'll not only send His angels to take charge concerning you but they will lift you up lest you strike your feet against a stone. This He has promised. He CANNOT fail.

For Lekan, he knew he wasn’t living, merely existing, so he cried out. With all his heart he reached out to God. Of course God heard Him, from His heavenly throne he heard him, picked him up and then dusted him.

The rest today is history…

2 Cor 5:17- Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old is gone, the new has come!


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