Ah, I am taayaaad! Work today had no chill. I'm tempted to spread out on my bed like a virus and shut down for the day.  I have to do this. I have promised God and my vows to the Lord I will fulfill before all His people.

The past three months in the office have been hectic. To top it all, I noticed that the attitude of my very jovial, dry joke cracker boss just changed. His replies were curt in the morning when I greet him. His jokes were not forthcoming, he just became stoic. Most times he kept assigning more work load my way especially stuff that I felt was a total waste of my time. At some point, I became confused about my job description.

It was almost like everything I did annoyed him and then he was bent on punishing me for something I knew for sure that I didn’t do. Maybe he was probably experiencing some marital problems, I mused. I would have asked him what went wrong or better still what I did wrong but for some reason I didn’t. The work environment that period was awful and it took it's toll on me.

It didn't help matters at all that my closest work buddies were resigning to move on to greater prospects. I confided in some of my friends about this on how I wanted to just resign as well. "Okay, you resign now and go to where?" I was asked. "See you, it's like you don’t even know what you have, people would tear cloth to be in your shoes" others said. "Hay, God, are you even listening to yourself?" Then a long hiss would follow.

After all these reactions, I couldn’t even bring myself to actually explain that the environment just wasn’t favorable anymore. That my really nice boss was gradually becoming an ogre and going to work was a struggle!

Today, he sends a message to me coping the MD that he wouldn't be coming to work and for the very first time, I stepped into the shoes of my boss. For about 8 hours, I was the CFO of the company.

As I dashed up and down round the office, creating reports, checking performance parameters this week, calling branch managers, responding to the numerous calls of my MD, detailing some colleagues to do stuff, meeting clients and affiliates, I'm humbled. I realize that my boss was actually preparing me for this! He knew very well that I would NEVER learn hard and fast with him being lenient with me and cracking jokes I rolled my eyes at. I had to learn the tough way as the task ahead was tougher, hence his withdrawal.

Sometimes this is how it is with God. When we face challenges that almost knock us out of the game, we are quick to write off the lessons He wants to teach. We feel that He has abandoned  us and we start recalling sins past that He doesn’t hold against us.

We start comparing our lives with others and wonder why ours is always different. Why we have to go through so much pain and struggle when it seems like everyone else has it easy. Why it doesn’t seem like anything is working out especially when we put in our very best. It may not look like it now, but trust me on this, God is preparing you for something wonderful! He hasn’t left you, just watching you more closely.

Hang in there! As is said, the teacher is always quiet during the test.

1 Peter 5:10 - And the God of all grace who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.


Photo Credit: Titus Ogunniyi 

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