My eyes saw "weeeen" today. Some very special people to me are expecting that I write about a particular journey we embarked on some hours ago. I will not disappoint them.


Egbin is a hidden part of Ikorodu. To think that so far, I have spent a greater part of my life in Lagos but today marks my first time ever in Ikorodu might not be so surprising. I just don’t know how to waka waka and if I must, it must be in great company and the person I'm journeying for or event I'm going to has to be totally worth it. All this criteria was met today as I left in the company of my Deanery (a group of parishes in a locality) members to the CYON ADC  meeting. Besides my paddy was the host. I had to be there.

I don’t know why I always thought that Ikorodu was the next bus stop after Ketu. After about 65 minutes (with some traffic in place) well past Ketu bus stop today, the reality is crystal clear; Ikorodu is a neighboring town on the outskirts of Lagos State.

The road is a pretty straight forward one but our destination today was embedded in a jigsaw puzzle. Our host knew this and so sent out his members to navigate guests to the venue. It was- turn left, go straight, keep going straight, turn right, follow the bend, turn right again, pause in traffic, to the left now, straight again, keep going straaiiighht…ah-ah, the journey just refused to finish!

I couldn’t help but notice the names of bus stops which sounded very dramatic- Owode, Majidun, Ijede, Itamaga, Poroboan estate, Igbogbo-Dayeku, Oke cele, Ewu Elepe, Iroko, Omitoro. Then the names of businesses just cracked me up- Kaash-Meen, Anidemidi-Ibon, Vomof International school, ChongFi petroleum, Mumzy Ismail boutique. These people didn't come to joke at all.

Life is a journey. Life is a passing phase. You will meet the different people, see different things. Some will excite you, some would discourage you. Sometimes you will laugh, cry, be inspired, get frustrated. What makes it worthwhile are those who accompany you on this journey and your persistence, perseverance and determination to reach your destination and finish strong. God could have made each man an island, He is God, He can do anything! Instead, He created Adam and Eve, said be fruitful and multiply-fill the earth. Indeed God put people in our lives for a reason. Appreciate them!

We finally get to the venue through the help of our Deanery google map in the person of our Welfare officer who surprised me with her navigation prowess and courage amidst the joy and laughter of members who made the trip wonderfully interesting. I am welcomed with a huge grin on the face of my friend the host, hugged and greeted by some members, once total strangers who have now become family. I am home.

Romans 12:10- Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.


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